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Drop the oratorio

Ensemble Mik Nawooj brings its mix of hip-hop and classical to ambitious new work 'Death Become Life,' at Pro Arts Gallery Sat/16. Pictured: MC Sandman (left), composer JooWan Kim (center), and MC Do D.A.T

ALL EARS Ensemble Mik Nawooj is the sort of band that solves problems you didn’t know you had. Problems like: I want to wave my hands in the air at a chamber concert! And: I sure wish this hip-hop show had some opera. A chamber ensemble with two MCs and (yes!) a lyric soprano, the group fuses classical music and hip-hop with the intent to explode expectations of both.  

Composer and pianist JooWan Kim founded Ensemble Mik Nawooj (EMN, for short) in 2010 and was later joined by spitfire Oakland MCs Do D.A.T. and Sandman. EMN recently completed its most ambitious work to date: a full-length, hip-hop oratorio entitled Death Become Life. The piece premiered at the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival in June and has caught the attention of Opus 3 Artists, which manages the likes of Yo-Yo Ma and Alvin Ailey, and recently added EMN to its roster. Sat/16 at Pro Arts Gallery in Oakland will be the first of a few more chances to hear Death Become Life in the Bay before EMN takes it on tour.

Kim, Do D.A.T., and Sandman took time to share the rebellious energy that fuels EMN, an experiment that began as an attempt to destroy concert music and may just be its salvation.

48 HILLS JooWan, in a recent interview with Upworthy, you talked about creating your first hip-hop piece partly to piss off the teachers at your conservatory, which is funny. But how did you know that bringing hip-hop and classical music together would work?

JOOWAN KIM I didn’t know it was going to work at first. My answer on Upworthy isn’t really far off from the initial motive of doing the piece. I have a lot of problems with the postcolonial and Eurocentric concert music aesthetic. It’s absurd that a guy from (insert any non-European country, including America) thinks that the highest form of performing arts is to play the violin at Berlin Philharmonic. It’s fascist, archaic – and most importantly, no longer working.

I wanted to create a new way of doing concert music that reflects the life we lead today. After doing a novelty piece at SF Conservatory of Music, I went through a gradual initiation to hip-hop, which allowed me render the current hybridization. 

48 HILLS Do D.A.T. and Sandman, what made you want to join EMN and experiment with classical music? Were you into the idea from the get-go, or did it require some convincing? 

SANDMAN I never imagined performing with a classical ensemble specifically because I had so often heard promoters of classical music shit on all Black music, going as far as to say hip-hop music isn’t music at all. This didn’t make me biased towards classical music, just doubtful. But I always wanted to perform with live instrumentalists because there is a way that their performance encourages my own and vice versa. 

It’s important to note that hip-hop, from its inception, assimilated many different genres, including classical music, via samples, so it wasn’t an alien idea to me. I felt presented with a challenge, and was eager to meet it.

DO D.A.T. Sandman and I used to be part of a hip-hop group called The Attik, and our unofficial slogan was, “Why imitate when you can innovate?” Joining EMN was the perfect way to live those words. 

I didn’t need any convincing because I liked the music, and I identified with its rebellious energy and ambitious vision. As a writer, I welcomed the challenge of sculpting verses to JooWan’s compositions, and as a performer I loved witnessing people’s reactions to these two worlds colliding. In short, I recognized the opportunity for creative growth. . . . And JooWan threatened me with physical violence. (Just kidding, he’s a sweetheart.) 

48 HILLS How does your collaboration work? Do the MCs ever give feedback on the music, or vice versa, or does everyone pretty much stay in their lane? 

SANDMAN Feedback has always been welcome, and sometimes the feedback comes in the form of healthy debate. JooWan and I have gone back and forth about making dance music. When I first began working with EMN, a lot of the pieces had a heavy classical aesthetic, and I felt the music could be even more potent, or impactful. As we’ve continued to collaborate, I think the music has gotten further from the classical aesthetic and just become good music. I’m not saying his repertoire has become twerk-worthy, but it’s definitely adapted more of a groove. 

JOOWAN KIM As far as the lyrics, I give them the theme of the piece and trust their immense talents to come up with something incredible. And they never fail me.

EMN’s reinterpretation of “California Soul,” commissioned by ESPN for Super Bowl 50:

48 HILLS Your last album was entitled The Future of Hip-Hop, but it seems like a lot of people also think you’re the future of classical music. Why did you choose one title over the other?

JOOWAN KIM We thought in choosing hip-hop instead of classical we’d get more mileage out of it. However, what we continue to do is create a new concert music for the future. Eventually, what we call classical music will cease to exist and be replaced by “hybrids” of different systems. We believe that we’re the prototype of this trend.

48 HILLS Have you ever gone into a situation where your audience didn’t know what they had signed themselves up for (either a classical audience not expecting hip-hop, or vice versa)? How did that go?

SANDMAN The most startling part about performing with EMN has been the crowd demographic. I remember performing at a festival at Oakland’s Cathedral of Christ the Light. Sitting in the from row was an elderly white gentleman, with his walker folded to the left of his seat. I couldn’t help but think, “We’re about to give this guy a heart attack.” After the show, he made his way over to me, needing much effort to do so, and said, “I really enjoyed that . . . with the music, and you all doing the scatting. It was great.” 

I had an internal jaw drop. Though he was totally not a fan of hip-hop, but rather thought we were scatting, he enjoyed himself. No crowd or setting has since topped that performance in terms of feeling out of place, but either way we’ve found it doesn’t matter. Everyone comes away satisfied, having experienced something standing side-by-side with someone they otherwise never would have shared space with.

JOOWAN KIM People generally like us. Must be the good looks of Sandman & D.A.T.

48 HILLS You seem to have honed in on the work of Wu-Tang Clan, J Dilla, and Snoop Dogg. Why those three? 

JOOWAN KIM As for Wu-Tang & Snoop, we were commissioned to reimagine six classic hip-hop tracks of 1993 by Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for their 21st anniversary celebration. For J Dilla, he is one of the main reasons I am doing what I am doing now. His inventiveness, natural talent, and ways of treating samples as pieces of musical motives to build larger ideas really struck me. He is like Monk or Mozart. A natural genius with profound influence on the next generation.

48 HILLS Do you all tend to agree about your favorite MCs, or do you argue about who’s best and who you should cover?

SANDMAN There was an instance in which D.A.T. and JooWan had a debate about a Kendrick Lamar song, which resulted in JooWan composing a piece that sounded exactly like what it was: an effort to prove a point. I asked D.A.T. not to debate with JooWan again, since apparently nothing good can come from it.

EMN’s deconstruction of “C.R.E.A.M” by Wu-Tang Clan, commissioned by YBCA:

48 HILLS Do D.A.T. and Sandman, when you’re reinventing another MC’s work, how do you decide when to play off the original lyrics and when to go in another direction?

SANDMAN I’m an artist, so I tend to want to limit the amount of another MC’s lyrics that I incorporate into my own. Mostly what I try to do is match the sentiment of the verses. What I like about “C.R.E.A.M.” is that both D.A.T. and I took on both the micro and macro perspectives of the subject matter, where in Wu-Tang’s version, they kept the personal perspective throughout the song. 

My first verse, with the more impersonal/macro perspective, began:

We can trace back to cash and fiduciary conflict 

every slug to the bonnet war and conquest

pillage a populace for the ore in the continent

bronze, iron, gold, platinum, oil, or diamonds

The next verse, with the more personal/micro perspective, began:

I ride for the survivors / the god incarnates

who hide god knows what behind their garments

and try to spark it / supply the market

and made their rise in the US of A’s armpit

An example of where I cited an MC’s verse was on “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin To Fuck Wit.”  Method Man, who ranks as one of my favorite MCs, had such an iconic intro to his verse, I felt I had to pay homage by referencing it directly and following a similar rhyme scheme.

DO D.A.T. I LOVE WU-TANG CLAN. They pretty much are the reason why I rap, so for those deconstructions, I just choose my favorite lyrics and incorporate them into my verse. For EMN’s deconstruction of “Shame on a N****,” I chose not to use any of the original lyrics but convey the energy of the original work, which is: I’m the illest rapper breathing, and my crew can’t be faded! 

Much of the rap that I enjoy contains these grandiose statements of how much an MC out-classes their competition. These are important declarations for the historically disenfranchised to make because we receive the opposite messages and often times feel unseen in so many areas in our lives. 

So when Method Man says: 

You could never capture the Method Man’s stature

For rhyme and for rapture

Got n***** resignin’, now master

My style? Never! 

Or when I say, “I got em head over heels like a 69, Why I get Deja Vu every time you rhyme? inspiration or imitation a thin line,” we are simply stating that our existence has value, our lives matter, and we want the respect!  

Dancers stepping to EMN during YBCA’s 21st anniversary celebration

48 HILLS JooWan, what makes Death Become Life your most ambitious work to date?

JOOWAN KIM There is a continuous development of common themes from “Death Become Life” (the title track of the work) that appear throughout the work. Also, the work itself is a semi-modular performing arts piece with the music as the central unit. You can add and subtract different components like dance, theatrical narrative, and backdrops. We will also create regional variations.

48 HILLS Can you explain what you want the audience to get out of Death Become Life?

JOOWAN KIM I think this prayer sums up the essence of the work: “May good conquer evil, light banish darkness, and death become life.”

48 HILLS Have you gotten any interesting or funny responses from the kids you’ve met through your educational outreach work?

SANDMAN We were invited to play at The Sacred Heart Catholic School in San Francisco. I felt a little awkward because much of the subject matter in our lyrics is adult, and challenges institutions from policing to religion. We walked into an auditorium full of uniformed kids, silent and staring blankly. I thought, “Uh oh.” As we concluded the first song, they went nuts. At one point, we selected one girl and one boy to come to the stage to do an impromptu performance, and each time they uttered a word or phrase, the auditorium went absolutely crazy. It turned out to be a dope experience. 

EMN will be returning to The Sacred Heart in November to teach creative writing/rhyming, and music composition/musicianship, which will culminate in the students executing their own hip-hop orchestra project.

DO D.A.T. [Sandman and] I have also been doing non-profit work with youth since high school. The majority of my time was doing artist development for BUMP [Bay Unity Music Project] Records. I’ve also worked as lead artist for Beats Rhymes and Life, where the focus is getting “at-promise youth” to process trauma and build strong connections to their fellow group members. 

Just the other night I was ciphering (having a rap session) with a couple of young MCs at a fundraiser. I could tell they were newbies because of how hesitant they were to step to the mic and rap. After a couple of rounds of timid mumbling, I essentially started cheerleading and ad-libbing while they freestyled. It was a trip to see how these young men came out of their shell with just a little bit of encouragement! It was night and day in a matter of minutes. They may not show their full, charismatic, witty, artistic, bold selves anywhere else, but that’s who they were in the moment. With enough practice, they could be that person all the time. It made me happy to be a hip-hopper.


Saturday, September 16, 8pm, $5

Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland

Tickets and more info here.

Complete list of upcoming performances here

Tears (and bubbly) for Bubbles

Bye-bye, Bubbles.

“Where are the snow cones! Where are the snow cones!” The chant rose over the crowd assembled Sunday evening on the corner of Larkin and Myrtle, where queer DJ-musician, activist, artist, club kid, and Tenderloin fixture Bubbles had been brutally murdered on Saturday morning. In the past couple months, in the special, shit-stirring way Bubbles had of turning life into performance art, Bubbles had been popping up all over town to offer passersby “tranny snow cones” outside bars and on corners like this one, wiring up a loudspeaker like a carnival barker, occasionally breaking into song or catcalling cute “gingers,” and filming reactions on Facebook Live. 

Bubbles captured by Cabure A. Bonugli/Shot in the City

Describing Bubbles is well-nigh impossible beyond the spectacle of towering, often askew blonde wigs, abundant chest hair, bushy muttonchops, kooky sunglasses, teetering heels and endless, endless talking. Gender-nonconforming, wildly unfiltered, and unwilling to be categorized, Bubbles was a character that took over their inventor’s life years ago and ended up touching a whole city. There was barely a venue Bubbles hadn’t been 86ed from — sometimes incredibly unfairly, and boy, did Bubbles raise a stink — but it was usually for something spectacular, and even those kicking her out often ended up bragging about their Bubbles encounter. You couldn’t help but smile when Bubbles rushed toward you at the club or on the sidewalk, like a hyperactive, hairy grandma ready to smother you with panicked attention. (I lived with Bubbles for a while in the early 2000s, and it was fun and frantic.)

Memorial at the corner of Larkin and Myrtle

The gathering of about 150 people proved just how much Bubbles was a part of San Francisco — and also showed how much magical weirdness the city had lost. “Freaks supporting freaks!” someone yelled to applause. A who’s who of characters from skater street kids to Supervisor Jane Kim, elder club owners to young drag queens showed up to pay respects. Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” and Ministry’s “Effigy” fueled an impromptu dance party, and onlookers created individual art pieces to display near a candle-lit shrine. Members of the Stud collective offered a mirrorball from the 52-year-old queer club, and photocopies with Bubbles’ face on them, reading “Shut Up and Dance” were distributed. A dancer poured a vial of sparkling powder out on the ground near a sign that read “Rest in Power, Bubbles.” Champagne was uncorked and passed around, as a “bubbles for Bubbles” tribute.

A friend pours one out for Bubbles at the Sunday evening vigil.

“There really isn’t anyone like Bubbles in terms of someone who will test every boundary and make even the most experienced person go, ‘woah!'” DJ Mysterious D of the Bootie party, who had lived near the corner for years before recently moving, told me. “This is a real San Francisco moment, and it makes me sad for all that’s changed about living here.”

Threaded through the sadness and celebration was anger and shock. Local activist and tenant advocate David Elliott Lewis had posted to Facebook about hearing a shooting near his home on Saturday morning. Upset that he could find nothing about it on the police scanner or in the news, Lewis doggedly pursued the story by interviewing local residents. He eventually found out that the victim was Bubbles, who had been shot five times after an altercation. Lewis’s heroic reporting was invaluable, a great example of citizen journalism. The San Francisco medical examiner eventually confirmed that it was indeed Bubbles who had been killed, and Supervisor Kim said police have surveillance footage and a person of interest, yet not enough evidence yet to confirm a hate crime.

One of Bubbles’ favorite slogans.

“I’m so angry that this happened, Bubbles was the sweetest person who would never hurt anyone,” event promoter David Peterson, who lives in the Tenderloin, told me. “Bubbles was so wild that you could be inspired, but sometimes when you saw them on the street you would become protective, like, ‘Be careful, Bubbles. We live in a scary world. And you are the only one of you we have.'”

The violent killing of a gender-nonconforming person, in a year of both skyrocketing homocide rates and violence against trans and queer people, also rocked many to the core. The sentiment that trans and queer people are not even safe in the Tenderloin — where the country’s first Transgender Historical District is being established — was expressed many times.

Pictures of Bubbles decorated the vigil.

There was another burden of sadness with Bubbles’ passing. The corner where Bubbles died was right outside the record store RS94109, where Bubbles would often set up turntables and DJ. Many of the people gathered there last night had also come there after the Ghost Ship tragedy last December to commiserate and grieve. For those of us dreading the approaching anniversary of that event, Bubbles’ murder is even more unfathomable. The horrific loss of so many club people in nine months weighed heavy on many, as another brilliant light on the scene turned to shine on other realms. Many expressed hope that justice will be done, and this heinous hate crime will make the city realize the danger queer and trans people face every day and night. 

Farewell, Bubbles, old friend. You really tore the wig off this joint.

Update: A GoFundMe has been launched for Bubbles’ funeral and memorial. Bubbles was planning to move to Berlin and start a new artistic life at the end of the month. A goodbye party was planned for Friday, September 29 at the Eagle. Organizers have indicated that the party will go ahead as planned. There will also be a moment of silence and vigil at the club Bubbles was most associated with, Housepitality, this Wednesday, Sept. 13. Please see upcoming installments of my weekly Party Radar column for developing news. 

Bubbles and Marke B at a Honey Soundsystem party.
A favorite photo of Bubbles.

Party Radar: A zap in your hot pants

Dulce De Leche performs at the outdoor BYOQ (Bring Your Own Queer) festival, Sat/9. (See below)

PARTY RADAR Woah Nellie, we’ve got  full dance card this weekend, so let’s pull up out heatwave-drenched culottes and dive right in: 

ELECTRIC DREAMS This weekend sees he sprawling, incredible San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, which will provide more zaps, pyews, hoots, and bleeeeeuuuuuuuurrrrrrgs than you can shake a diode at. Fri/8-Sun/10, you can see local heroes like the legendary Suzanne Ciani, Dax Pierson, and Las Sucias, plus many more at the Brava Theatre. More info here.  

SASSY IN THE SUNSHINE On Sat/9, a host of wild and wonderful entertainers and community movers and shakers will descend on Golden Gate Park’s Music Concourse Bandshell for the wondrous annual FREE BYOQ (Bring Your Own Queer) daytime cultural festival and dance party, noon-6pm. Seriously the lineup is bananas! Why is this kind of gathering so important right now? Festival founder Rebeka Rodriguez tells me: “The urgency to queer up public space is important, now more than ever. It’s necessary to disrupt the notion that queers need to normalize to participate in society. It’s critical that we gather in public spaces and make all kinds of queerness visible — especially in today’s national climate.” BYOQ helper Kevin Seaman aka LOL McFiercen adds: “Queer artists (like so many other communities) have been hit hard by the Bay’s rising cost of living and rampant gentrification, forcing so many out of the region they love. BYOQ features queer artists doing what they do best, and pays artists for their artistic contributions!” Can’t really argue with that, so come out! More info here.   

BAY BAES This Sun/10 also sees the ever-awesome Oakland Pride — a chill, family-style antidote to SF’s overwhelming, corporate-branding bonanza. (I do miss the days when it was just a fun picnic, but am eager to see the parade and festival this year.) Of course there will be neato, Pride-associated parties, like a Swagger Like Us special edition on Friday, and this one on Sunday night from the New koo-koo-beautiful World Dysorder crews called Pride RIOT. The other side of the Bay does Pride right. More info here

Need a car to get there? Rent one in your neighborhood on Getaround. Sign up today, and enjoy $50 off your first trip:[Sponsored]


SF Drag King Contest It’s back for the 22nd year! One of my favorite annual events brings drag kings from all over California to compete for the crown. With MCs Sister Roma and Fudgie Frottage, plus Special Guest Landon Cider, Star of SoCal’s Drag King Explosion and the King who was banned by RuPaul’s Drag Race. Benefit for Pets Are Wonderful Suport. Thu/7, 10pm, $20-$35. Oasis, SF. Tickets and more info here.

PUFF A monthly queer cannabis happy hour featuring live music, burlesque wonders, and comedian Tom Ammiano? Put it in your peace pipe! Thu/7, 7pm-10pm, $5-$10. The Stud, SF. More info here

NEW PHONE WHO DIS Text Me Records presents a showcase of it’s fabulously idiosyncratic roster, including SISTERS, Harriet Brown, and Horrible/Adorable. Thu/7, 8pm-1am, $12. Cafe Du Nord, SF. Tickets and more info here. 



Dr. Israel headlines Dub Mission’s 21st anniversary.

DUB MISSION 21-YEAR ANNIVERSARY One of SF’s longest running parties (and for sure our longest running reggae/dub party) is turning an astounding 21 years old (and getting ready to say goodbye to its home base, Elbo Room). This blowout, featuring Dr. Israel Live Dub Sound System is a must for anyone who likes it deep and rocksteady. Fri/8, 10pm, $10-$15. Elbo Room, SF. Tickets anymore info here

NEON BLACK A rare admission: I slept on this party last time around and boy do I regret it! Smooth synthwave moves from Danny DeLorean and Fact.50 with special guests Smac and Meikee Magnetic — plus retro gaming stations and more tubular goodies. Fri/8, 9:30pm-3am, $5-$8. Cat Club, SF. Tickets and more info here

ROSCOE MITCHELL x NUMBER 197 Fridays at the DeYoung are back, at least monthly: “An iconoclastic figure in contemporary music whose work ranges from classical to contemporary, from wild and forceful free jazz to ornate chamber music, Mitchell is an internationally renowned musician, composer, and innovator. Together with a 34-piece orchestra comprised of local musicians, this special performance will pair the orchestral works of Mitchell with Leonardo Drew’s site-specific installation ‘Number 197’ as backdrop, engaging similar ideas of the interplay between structure and improvisation in composition.” Fri/8, 5pm-8:30pm, free. DeYoung Museum, SF. More info here. 

MASSIVE ATTACK DJ SET Everybody’s favorite politically outspoken, turbulent trip-hop act is back on decks, to slather 1015 with dark hues and subwoofer grooves. Featuring separate rooms curated by some our cutest weirdo parties: Bread, Club Lonely, Candy Rain. Fri/8, 10pm-3am, $45. 1015 Folsom, SF. Tickets and more info here.  

VIVVY’S GRAND OPENING Don’t miss Ambrosia Salad, up from LA to host this month! Mindfuck drag at its best and mindfuckingest. Every month, VivvyAnne ForeverMore comes up with something spectacular, be it two drag shows happening simultaneously, a 45-minute journey through a dystopian space colony, a very weird Cats, or a dozen drag queens interpreting the same song. Plus, all-night dancing. Fri/9, 10pm-4am, $10. The Stud, SF. More info here


Look down! Ross Fur Trap hosts Studio 5’4’s 3-Year anniversary.

STUDIO 5’4 3-YEAR ANNIVERSARY Longtime for a short party! I jest, but this party for gay men who live their sexy lives closer to the ground and the people who love them is one the the city’s sweetest. “Featuring DJ BJ, plus residents Omnibot and Patty Meltdown play their favorite soul, funk, disco, and house tracks. Sexy shorty Go Gos Timmy Roghaar (Pony Seattle) and Walter Ryon (SF) shake it all night. Hosts Ross Fur Trap and John A. Geluso serving looks and shots – just make sure you look down.” Sat/9, 9pm-2am, $5. Lone Star Saloon, SF. More info here

COME-UNITY: MALACHY’S 50TH BIRTHDAY One of our seminal rave crews is getting some of the band back together — Simon and Jeno will pull out all the acid house and psychedelic techno stops in honor of member Malachy O’Brien. We ravers never age. We just get more, er, psychedelic. Sat/9, 9:30pm-4am, $10. F8, SF. More info here

ACID PAULI I love the style of this Bavarian, which can only be described as tribal chill: sprawling grooves full of global vibes. Sure, it’s a bit Burning an, but it’s a bit of old school ambient as well, and great to dance or chill out to. With fellow Germans Nico Stolen and Britta Unders. Sat/9, 9:30pm-4am, $18-$30. Public Works, SF. Tickets and more info here.

KARIZMA Baltimore house legend Karizma comes in hard and funky for this special edition of the Salted parties, thrown by our own sunny house heavyweight Miguel Migs and Julius Papp. Don’t be salty now. Sat/9, 10pm-4am, $10-$15. Great Northern, SF. Tickets and more info here

POUND PUPPY Arooooo! The monthly pup-themed dance party is back, this time featuring that ultimate dog dish, Ambrosia Salad, on the decks. Chow, bella! Sat/9, 10pm, $10. Eagle, SF. More info here. 

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Party Radar: Work It Out

Brazilian vocal legend Margareth Menezes comes to the Chapel Sat/2

PARTY RADAR In celebration of Labor Day Weekend — but really more just because the beautiful city is hot and empty since everyone fled to Burning Man, and I can’t wait to get outside — we’re doing something a bit different with the Party Radar this week. Here are a dozen (or so!) parties this weekend that I think you should attempt to attend, in chronological order. Let’s put in that work on the dance floor!

PS If you hear of any Hurricane Harvey relief parties, send ’em my way so I can give them some shine: [email protected]

> Need a car to get there? Rent one in your neighborhood on Getaround. Sign up today, and enjoy $50 off your first trip:[Sponsored]

MAKE ME A MIXTAPE Get ready to sing-a-long to all the emo/punk tunes of your youth (or adjacent to your youth), as Goonie Walsh and friends spin “The Promise Ring, Weezer, Cap’n Jazz, Saves The Day, The Get Up Kids, Alkaline Trio, TBS and more!” Thu/31, 9pm-2am, free. The Knockout, SF. More info here

J ROCC “One of the original turntablists, J. Rocc founded the Beat Junkies in 1992 with Melo-D and Rhettmatic, but has done just as much on his own as in a group setting. He began DJing in the mid-’80s with a California group named PSK. Soon after forming, the Beat Junkies became a seminal force in the rise of instrumental hip-hop, including core member Babu plus future stars Shortkut and D-Styles.” Fri/1, 9:30pm-2:30am, $10-$15. Great Northern, SF. Tickets and more info here.  

IDENTITY THEFT “Identity Theft is the solo electronic music of Michael Buchanan, who is also half of the abandoned-house entity Abandoned Footwear and a founding member of Nommo Ogo. As a driving force in the Katabatik collective, he continues to explore themes of paranoia, surveillance and shadow psychology prevalent in Identity Theft’s catalog since the release of his first effort, “Night Workers,” in 2010. His music brings recombinant electronic body rhythms together with solemn, spiritual atmospheres; he will perform a special live set of new original material for the Vague Terrain party.” Fri/1, 9pm-2am, $5. Underground SF. More info here

REN THE VINYL ARCHEOLOGIST Ren is an unbeatable DJ classic, founder of the True Skool crew keeping local hip-hop and turntable-love alive. The Layover in Oakland hosts him for “a journey through hip hop, reggae, soul, funk, house and breaks.” Great stuff, here. Fri/1, 10pm-2am, $5. The Layover, Oakland. Tickets and more info here. 

Nonstop Bhangra — get into it! Photo by Odell Hussey

NONSTOP BHANGRA 13TH ANNIVERSARY Wow, 13 years whirred by in the flash of a festive sari. This quintessential nightlife experience — hip-hop and bhangra beats plus fantastic dancing (lessons included!) — founded by the dholrhythms dance crew and DJ Jimmy Love, celebrates with DJ Rav-E, DJ Nix, live percussion and art, and an incredible crowd. Sat/2, 9pm-2am, $15-$20. Public Works, SF. Tickets and more info here

MARGARETH MENEZES Sim sim! From the awesome Braza! crew: “The singer Margareth Menezes completes 30 years of career in 2017, with dozens of international tours to all continents, 16 LPs and 5 DVDs. Celebrate her fantastic legacy with an exclusive San Francisco concert, featuring songs specially picked for this show to enchant all Brazilian music enthusiasts.” Sat/2, 8pm-midnight, $30-$35. The Chapel, SF. Tickets and more info here.

EGYPTIAN LOVER The high priest of electro slips into town to zap the dance floor, in support of an ace new “California Colors” release he did with Ernie Fresh and my man Mophono. ‘Twil be dope! With Zacky Force Funk, Young Aundee, Electro Freeze Force, and more. Sat/2, 8:02pm-1:08am, $10-$15. Great Northern, SF. Tickets and more info here.  

GO BANG! CELEBRATES SYLVESTER The ultimate disco diva, the miraculous Sylvester, would have turned 70(!) this week. Go Bang! — the city’s loveliest “atomic disco action” monthly party — celebrates the Great One with an all-star lineup of classic disco DJs (Paul Goodyear, Jim Hopkins, Steve Fabus) plus Effervescence Jackson performing as Sylvester herself. Go on feel mighty real. Sat/2, 10pm-3am, $10. The Stud, SF. More info here.  

DERRICK CARTER Chicago magic! The maestro of funky techno-house (and one of the sassiest social media queens) returns for a party at Halcyon, with our own DJ Andrew Phelan in tow. Sat/2, 10pm-late, $10-$20. Halcyn, SF. Tickets and more info here

POWERBLOUSE Ever winder how they make all those drag queens? Witness the magic and the panic every month, as drag legends Juanita More and Glamamore pic one drag newbie to transform live on stage into the preening peacock (or stumbling Sally) of their dreams. This month’s victim/honoree? Leandro Gonzales, beloved fundraiser and (wo)man-about-town. Sat/2, 10pm-2am, $5. Powerhouse, SF. More info here

KING BRITT The storied Afrofuturist and ’80s collector comes to Monarch for a night of “The Classics” — which surely he, who has remixed everyone from Miles David to Radiohead, knows better than anyone. Sat/2, 9:30pm-2:30am, $10. Monarch, SF. Tickets and more info here.  

AFTERNOON DELIGHT Oakland’s cutest patio party turns three — come dance to some bright hot house music under the sun (and shade, with cool cocktails) to DJs Mark O’Brien and more — plus for vendors, local artists, and a lot of cool stuff. Sun/3, 3pm-8pm, $10. new Parish, SF. More info here.  

HONEY SOUNDSYSTEM LABOR DAY Just before it celebrates 10 years of underground queer techno kwayziness, the globe-trotting collective returns to homebase for a Labor Day werk-a-thon. Guest DJs Beautiful Swimmers (DC) and Masha (LA) will keep the honey-pot churning. Sun/3, 10pm-3am, $10-$20. Audio, SF. More info here    

MOULTON MUSIC Oh hey, one of the most legendary house labels in SF is throwing a big party on the night before your day off, featuring Mark Farina, Seven Davis Jr and Homero Espinosa. You should definitely go. Sun/3, 10pm-4am, $10-$15. Halcyon, SF. Tickets and more info here

ACID RAIN: LABOR DAZE Have you considered psytrance? Hey, why not, it’s 2017. “Prepare your minds for an immersive, sensory deluge into psychedelic dance event culture. Enter this multi-stage wonderland for a night of real psychedelic raving, featuring a range of hypnotizing and complex psychedelic music to make for a truly transcendent night.” Sun/3, 9pm-late, $20 advance. DNA Lounge, SF. Tickets and more info here

> Need a car to get there? Rent one in your neighborhood on Getaround. Sign up today, and enjoy $50 off your first trip:[Sponsored]


Party Radar: Resistance parties

Legendary Bay Area DJ Pam the Funkstress performs at SOMArts' fabulous Night Light festival Sat/26. See "Shine On" below.

PARTY RADAR “In 20 years, do you want to look back and say you directly confronted white supremacists at Crissy Field, or do you want to say you partied in the Castro to raise money for Planned Parenthood?” 

Welp, that ultimatum — posted on a whip-smart friend’s FB timeline — hits home, but also seems a bit stark. Why not do both this Saturday, when intolerant bullies descend on our fair town? Or, pick whatever makes you feel like you are doing your part, it’s all good. I am definitely all in favor of partying anywhere at any time as a form of resistance, and most of my friends are people in direct danger of fascist rhetoric, so please do whatever makes you feel safe. We’re the people they hate, so shake a tail feather in their face. 

The “Come Together” rally and march in the Castro on Sat/26 (noon-2pm) — which is not quite a party although it is the Castro, and is raising money to benefit 12 other nonprofits besides Planned Parenthood — is hosted by drag doyenne Juanita More, who tells me, “We are all expressing disbelief over the resurgence of hate in our society and in having a president who embodies that. I’m in shock that this is happening in our country and even more in shock that we have to deal with it — but it must be met with action. 

Miss Juanita More leads the charge when it comes to Coming Together in the Castro (Sat/26, noon-2pm)

“There are a lot of alternative events being planned throughout the city Saturday to express our collective disgust with white supremacy, facism, and Nazism that will take place at Chrissy Field. I am in support of all of these events and stand with the community and will not let the alt-right take us back in time. I had to take a stand and use my social platform in a way that would unite people and celebrate love and say no to hate.”

She’s a trooper! Just be aware of your surroundings, loves — that day is also the McGregor-Mayweather fight thingie, so already we’ll have a lot of male fragility filling the bars and streets of some areas. Ugh.   

Fabulous happenings at SOMArts’ Night Light.

SHINE ON! One of the most anticipated art-nightlife events of the year is SOMArts’ annual “Night Light,” which features a stunning array of new multimedia artworks displayed throughout the SOMArts space and garden, in a party atmosphere. This year, the foward-thinking arts institution is expanding Night Light into a full-on two-night festival (Fri/25 and Sat/26, 8:30pm-12:30am), featuring performances and multimedia pieces, as part of its wonderful “Black Woman is God” exhibit (which you definitely need to see). This is going to be an awesome and much needed rallying of diverse SF spirits, with dozens upon dozens of performers, artists, and DJs, including local legend Pam The Funkstress. Turn it on! More info here.

HEY, HOTCAKES You know what else if fun? Looking at art while you eat pancakes. At a party. This is the premise behind the wildly successful ‘Pancakes and Booze‘ event, taking over Mezzanine Fri/25 and Sat/26 (8pm-2am). Tons of art, stacks of hotcakes, a little dancing, a little body painting, sounds like a hoot. More info here. 

> Need a car to get there? Rent one in your neighborhood on Getaround. Sign up today, and enjoy $50 off your first trip:[Sponsored]



CUPCAKKE The fantastically foul-mouthed emcee from Chicago descends to light your ears aflame. With Tia Nomore, Green Ova, Richie Panic, and Fell Kutchii. Fri/25, 8pm-1:30am, $5-$10. Eli’s Mile High Club, Oakland. Tickets and more info here.  

TERRY FRANCIS “His career began by co-promoting an acid house night at Hamilton’s wine bar in Leatherhead in 1988 whilst working as a roofer.” Is there any better opening sentence to a DJ bio? The storied Fabric DJ and all around bloke will delight at Monarch. Fri/25, 9:30pm-late, $7-$15. Monarch, SF. Tickets and more info here. 

BROUHAHA For it fourth anniversary, this too-cute house and techno party has a special announcement: “This time we’re going back to our house party roots: no covers, no headliners, just good tunes and good buds.” Sounds like bliss. Fri/25, 9pm-2am, free. Underground, SF. More info here

BLACK FRIDAYS: LIVE Ultimate drag hostess Honey Mahogany’s monthly night at the Stud features a dazzling array of POC performers (drag and otherwise), giving it to you live and uncensored. All are welcome to cheer and dance all night. Fri/25, 10pm-4am, $10. the Stud, SF. More info here

STEAM Gotta give a sopping wet shoutout to my Virgo sister Walter Gomez for his birthday — he hosts this steamy, bathhouse-themed gay affair, with wet towel contests, shower stall go-gos and more. Fri/25, 10pm-2am, $5. Powerhouse, SF. More info here. 


MIKE SERVITO Another birthday shoutout to another fellow Virgo sister, Mike from Detroit. Love him to death, and hey — he’s one of the world’s best DJs so there’s that. He’s part of a powerhouse lineup including Barnt and Silent Servant at the Lights Down Low party. Sat/26, 10pm-late, $22-$25. Monarch, SF. Tickets and more info here

JACQUES RENAULT The NYC favorite comes in with his intensely likable blend of acid house, rare disco, and melodic techno for the FACE party. Get it. Sat/26, 9:30pm-late, $10-$15. Public Works loft, SF. Tickets and more info here

POLYGLAMOROUS Your sparkly send-off to the Playa some in the form of this awesome queer (with a healthy dose of burner) affair, this month featuring Paris-born DJ La Fraicheur, who is quite fresh! Sat/26, 10pm-4am, F8 SF. Tickets and more info here. 

SLAY Patron saint of the resistance Beyonce will be invoked at this tribute party for LGBT, POC, and anyone else who needs a good dose of hair-flip-in-your-face fantasy. (We will all need that this weekend). Sat/26, 9pm-2am, $5-$10. Rickshaw Stop, SF. Tickets and more info here

BEARRACUDA 11-YEAR ANNIVERSARY More than a decade after it’s hairy conception, the inimitable SF bear party (oddly the brainchild of wild drag child Rentecca) has now expanded to more than 50 cities and is, indeed, clutching the world in its sweaty, furry embrace. With two of my favorite DJs/people Stanley Frank and Robert Jeffrey. Sat/26, 10pm-2am, $5-$10. SF Eagle. More info here

> Need a car to get there? Rent one in your neighborhood on Getaround. Sign up today, and enjoy $50 off your first trip:[Sponsored]

Party Radar: Loved Up + Unafraid

The annual Project Nunway fundraiser from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is a fashionable hoot. See Sat/19

PARTY RADAR This one’s on the fly, I’m afraid, as I’m headed out to DJ a giant queer Appalachian techno campout that climaxes with Bezier and Josh from Dark Entries playing during Monday’s eclipse (how cool is that?). 

But I’ve always got time to promote partying against fascism, so here are two events bringing the fabulous freaks out two Saturdays from now (August 26) to counter the “Patriot Prayer” aka ultra-conservative rally in Crissy Field that day. (There’s also a “Patriot Prayer” rally in Berkeley Sunday, August 27). 

I’ll let you read the comments on the counter-protest event pages to see which one may be right for you and your dancing shoes, but both Unafraid and LovedUp seem solid, although Unafraid is more sparkly queer-confrontational, while LovedUp is a rave-up lovefest. There is also a pink flamingo picnic takeover of Dolores Park to protest, because San Francisco. AND THIS JUST IN: “Leave your dog poop on Crissy Field,” ostensibly to ruin some shiny little supremacist shoes.    

Nazi punks, as they say, please fuck off. 

Need a car to get there? Rent one in your neighborhood on Getaround. Sign up today, and enjoy $50 off your first trip:[Sponsored]


LOS VAN VAN I do not know about you, but dancing to some Cuban music from one of the world’s best bands sounds absolutely the tonic. Fri/18, 9pm, $39.50. Mezzanine, SF. Tickets and more info here

MØME You can’t get anymore “chill wave” than an Australian surfer making moody indie electronic music. That would be Møme, and he’s joined by Geotic aka gothy Baths in his kooky and lovely persona. A night of bliss curls. Fri/18, 10pm-3am, $12. 1015 Folsom, SF. Tickets and more info here

THE QUEEN IS DEAD This lovely monthly celebration of all musical things Smiths and their British ilk is moving on from its home of several years at Milk on Haight Street, to the exciting Bar Fluxus, which has really been ramping up its nightlife offerings. With DJs Mario Muse, Sheila Take A Bow, Nako. Fri/18. 10pm-2am,  Bar Fluxus, SF. Free with RSVP here

DAMIAN LAZARUS For good or ill or ketamine, Damian Lazarus is the psychedelic “deep house” guru we unexpectedly were looking for. And here he is, taking a break from running giant labels and throwing huge festivals! He’s a dear. A portion of proceeds from this party — which took four major crews to put together and probably afford — goes to Compute for Cancer. Fri/18, 9pm-3am, $10-$20. Great Northern, SF. Tickets and more info here. 

CREATURE Wild drag! Crazy music! An incredibly inventive crowd! The closest we come to an underground NYC club in the early ’90s, in fact. This month’s theme: Precious stones. Fri/18, 10pm-4am, $10. The Stud, SF. Tickets and more info here



MIXED FORMS WITH JASON KENDIG Mixing it up (crowds, styles, venues) is what SF nightlife does best. Jeremy Bispo from the powerhouse As You Like It crew teams up with excellent DJ Jordee for a new monthly that brings underground techno’s queer and not-always-so-queer scenes together (this echoes Bispo’s incredible Oakland underground raves Rare Form that he organized with Nackt, aka Johnny Igaz, who perished in the Ghost Ship fire.) First guests: Honey Soundsystem’s Jason Kendig and incredible live techno wizard Christina Chatfield. Sat/19, 10pm-4am, $15 advance. The Stud, SF. Tickets and more info here.     

ADAM X Industrial techno as dark, shiny, and tight as a black latex glove. With Orphx. Sat/19, 10pm-4am, $20 advance. Monarch, SF. Tickets and more info here

FRINGE Indie dance delights — with glow bracelets, even! This too-cute monthly party brings together a great crowd eager for 2000s sing-a-longs together at Madrone. With DJs Blondie K and subOctave. Sat/19, 9pm-2am, $5. Madrone, SF. More info here.

PROJECT NUNWAY 8: SINFINITY Every year, the beloved Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence pair up with designers to create an eye-popping fashion show made from innovative and recycled material — for charity! This year’s theme: Sci-Fi. Goddess help us. Sat/19, 7pm-10pm, $25. SomARTS, SF. Tickets and more info here

NOISE POP 20TH STREET BLOCK PARTY This live, daytime indie fun-fest –with Neon Indian, Kilo Kish, Hoops, Sugar Candy Mountain, The Tambo Rays, High Sunn, Big Thursday, and more — also offers culinary delights and lots of people-watching. Sat/19, noon-6pm, $10 suggested donation. 20th Street and Bryant, SF. More info here.    

TOUR DE FAT Or, if drinking beer in a carnival atmosphere all day is more your style, Fat Tire beer’s annual bike rally at Fort Mason is for you. There will be a Fire Leopard! I don’t know what that is! Wear a costume. Sat/19, noon-9pm, $2. Fort Mason, SF. Tickets and more info here.

MAKEOUT PARTY “Right in front of my salad?” is the theme for this monthly mouthful of love. (Yes, its an omnisexual makeup party — tongue it for the camera and get a free Jell-O shot!) Music? Oh yes, Le Fraicheur pops in from Berlin. Sat/19, 10pm-2am, $10. Eagle SF. More info here

BEATPIG: “BANANAS” A swingin’ monthly gay joint with Walter Gomez, Juanita More, and the incredible DJ Stanley Frank — this month the theme is “bananas.”. Shenanigans! Banana shenanigans! Sat/19, 10pm-2m, $5 benefits Transgender Law Center. powerhouse, SF. More info here



DISCO DADDY ROCKS DJ Bus Station John’s Disco Daddy party takes a turn to the wild side, as it presents rock stars who’ve made classic dance tunes, danceable rock tunes, and covers of rock tunes in a disco mode. Party on! Sun/20, 7pm-2am, $5-$7. SF Eagle. More info here.

BRAZILIAN GIRLS Stern Grove’s weekly programming this year has been impeccable — hardly a Sunday morning I could stay away. NYC dancefloor superstars Brazilian Girls join with openers the brass-powered Moon Hooch for an afternoon of grooooooves. Sun/20, 2pm-5pm, free. Stern Grove, SF. More info here

SWAGGER LIKE US The wondrous queer hip-hop-and-beyond party slips onto the Oasis roof for some “cool for the summer” vibes. Sun/20, 2pm-8pm, $5-$10. Oasis SF. More info here

> Need a car to get there? Rent one in your neighborhood on Getaround. Sign up today, and enjoy $50 off your first trip:[Sponsored]

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VOTE NOW! Guardian Best of the Bay 2017

Best of the Bay

Best Burrito. Best Party. Best Shoe Store. Best Street Fair. Best Cannabis Club. Best Politician. Best Politician You Love To Hate….

It’s back! The nation’s original “Best of” — and the first and best Best of the Bay — returns for its 42nd year to celebrate all the people, places, and things that make living in the Bay Area the best! 


And tell your friends and favorite businesses — voting continues through September. The winners will be revealed on October 18. And stay tuned for details about our fabulous Best of the Bay party! Sign up for our newsletter here


Party Radar: Gang Way!

Turntable-wizard Kid Koala brings his multimedia show 'Nufonia Must Fall' to SF Jazz, Thu/10-Sun/13. See below for details.

PARTY RADAR Just as we had sighed some relief upon hearing that Elbo Room’s lease had been extended for another year of course there was bad news waiting to leap out at us like a bachelorette screeching “Thats so random!” at a gay bar. 

This week, beloved scruffy watering hole Lucky 13, which was already on the chopping block, got closer to feeling the sting of the luxury-condo blade when its property was officially placed on the market at $10 million dollars and its demolition plans were approved this week. 

And then came news that the city’s oldest gay bar, The Gangway, scene of queer debauchery and hope for more than 50 years (and a bar for more than 100) was being sold to the owner of the proudly trashy and quite icky Kozy Kar bar (itself the site of former gay bar N’Touch) to become a “kung fu laundromat.” Oof.

Will 55-year-old gay bar The Gangway get the kung fu hook?

Is there hope for the Gangway now? To save it either through political will, like the Eagle, and/or or community support, like the Stud? (Full disclosure: I’m a Stud Collective member.) Well, everything is still in the transition stage, and although Supervisor Jane Kim has yet to issue a statement, word from her office is that there is “grave concern.”

The Gangway signaled that it want a buyer for awhile, but no one from the gay community ponied up. Losing a historical queer Tenderloin watering hole — just as the neighborhood is inaugurating a transgender cultural district — is tragic. (Everyone run to Aunt Charlie’s and the Cinch and drink, now!) Let’s hope the boozy, cozy Gangway keeps (unsteadily) walking the planks. 

THIS LOOKS RAD Kid Koala, pre-eminent turntablist, composer, and musical inventor, brings us new show Nufonia Must Fall: “a revolutionary multi-disciplinary performance that mixes live Puppet Theater and video projection with an ensemble of strings, piano, and electronic instruments.” Through the weekend at SFJAZZ. Thu/10-Sun/13, $25-$55. SFJAZZ. Tickets and more info here

> Need a car to get there? Rent one in your neighborhood on Getaround. Sign up today, and enjoy $50 off your first trip:[Sponsored]


MASSIVE SOUND INTERNATIONAL The Bay Area reggae/dancehall powerhouse’s Robert Rankin’ and Spliff Skankin’ drop into the heavy, heavy Dub Mission party for some deep shenanigans. Fri/11, 10pm-2am, $7-$8. Elbo Room, SF. Tickets and more info here

JAMES MURPHY The teddy-bear guru of earnest musical irony takes a break from reviving his LCD Soundsystem outfit for a DJ set thats sure to ring your deep-cut indie-techno-disco bells. Fri/11, 9:30pm-3:30am, $20-$30. Public Works, SF. Tickets and more info here

VIVVY’S GRAND OPENING Mindfuck drag at its best and mindfuckingest. Every month, Vivvy comes up with something spectacular, be it two drag shows happening simultaneously, a 45-minute journey through a dystopian space colony, a very weird Cats, or a dozen drag queens interpreting the same song. Plus, all-night dancing. Fri/11, 10pm-4am, $10. The Stud, SF. More info here

TRIBUTE TO THE JACKA A seminal Bay hip-hop presence, gone too soon, with Paul Wall, Cormega, Husalah, Andre Nickatina, Mistah Fab, J Stalin, Philthy Rich, Keak Da Sneak, FEDX, Rydah J Kylde, AP.9, Laroo, Dru Down, Ampichino, Traxamillion, Lee Majors, Cellski, Roblo, Dubb 20, Street Knowledge, Mitchy Slick, Krondon, Planet Asia and more. Fri/11, doors 7pm, $22.50-$25. Regency Ballroom, SF. Tickets and more info here


The Wicked rave crew celebrates 26 years of funking up SF — and brings along some new records!

THE RETURN OF WICKED RECORDS They’re back! One of the original SF rave crews — Jeno, Garth, Markie, Thomas — come together for their annual reunion blowout (so good!) and this time they’re bringing some brand new jams. Get into it. Sat/12, 10pm-5am, $15-$20. Great Northern, SF. Tickets and more info here

LOBSTER THEREMIN SHOWCASE The heady-fun London label shuffles its way into town via DJs Route 8 and nthng. At the ever-awesome As You Like It party. Sat/12, 9:30pm-4am, $15. Monarch, SF. Tickets and more info here

HOT SAUCE Let’s go dancing on the patio! El Rio’s huge patio, that is, out in the hopefully-sun, with cute queer DJs The SyntheTigers, Tobirus Mozelle, John F-ing Cartwright, Beya, Major, and Mark O’Brien. Hosted by Intensive Claire. Sat/12, 2pm-8pm, $7-$10. El Rio, SF. Tickets anymore info here

KINGDOM! SWITCH! Kingdom is a monthly, raucous drag king showcase — but this time it’s switching it up by having drag kings become drag queens, and inviting prominent drag queens like Sister Roma and Bebe Sweetbriar to butch it up as kings. Craziness. Oh, and I’m DJing old school hip-hop and R&B. Sat/12, 10pm-2am, $10. The Stud, SF. More info here.   

POUND PUPPY Arf! The gay scruff-pup party is back, this month featuring DJ Josette from Gray Area. She is incredible! (And rarely makes such an appearance — go.) Sat/12, 9pm-2am, $10. Eagle, SF. Tickets and more info here.  

TREEHOUSE SESSIONS Too cute — Public Works residents Peter Blick and Rachel Torro get to step out up on their own to the decks. They are really good! Nice and cozy in the Public Works loft. Sat/22, 9pm-2am, free with RSVP or $10. Public Works, SF. More info here


CLUB FIST UNDERGROUND QUEER FESTIVAL Behold some of the boldest, most talented players on the queer nightlife scene, as awesome queer punk/goth/fetish Club Fist brings together its favorites for a nine-hour marathon. Sun/13, 1pm-10pm, $10-$20. DNA Lounge, SF. Tickets and more info here

SUNSET BOAT PARTY Mexican wonder-DJ Rebolledo will lead you to psychedelic house bliss aboard this summer tradition, courtesy of Sunset Sound System — I love them so much — and there’s an afterparty at Monarch as well! Sun/13, 5pm-11pm, $55-$65. San Francisco Spirit, Pier 3. Tickets and more info here.

> Need a car to get there? Rent one in your neighborhood on Getaround. Sign up today, and enjoy $50 off your first trip:[Sponsored]


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For 42 years, the Guardian’s Best of the Bay issue has been the ultimate guide to the Bay Area, listing winners chosen by our readers, in categories like Best Overall Restaurant, Best Live Music Venue, Best Hotel, Best Specialty Store, Best Burrito, Best Dance Party, Best Politician, Best Bike Repair, Best Cannabis Club, and many more! 

Join us as we continue to celebrate all the people, places, and things that make living in the Bay Area THE BEST! 

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