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If you were among the estimated 750,000 people who poured into Golden Gate Park this past weekend for Hardly Strictly Blugrass, our raucous annual celebration of all things bluegrass(-ish) under a blazing sun, chances are you're doing some serious rehydrating this week. Check our photos and review on the Noise blog at while you're at it. GUARDIAN PHOTO OF RYAN ADAMS BY EMILY SELVIN

Endorsements 2014

Welcome to the November 2014 edition of a decades-long Bay Guardian tradition. As usual, we did many hours of endorsement interviews with candidates and ballot measure proponents and opponents, along with additional research to arrive at our picks, some involving difficult decisions. We'll be posting the audio from most of those endorsement interviews at, so come listen in if you want more information.

Drifting by

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THE WEEKNIGHTER "It's all fun and games and whippings until the end when everyone is really drunk. Then it's just a bunch of wasted people rubbing their penises on things. That's when I go inside and lock my door." I was telling this to the bartender and a couple people sitting next to me. We were talking about the Folsom Street Fair.

By George

FILM/LIT It's anyone's guess how many films and videos George Kuchar made before his death in 2011 (Portland's Yale Union is valiantly attempting a comprehensive retrospective, which they estimate will take seven years), but there's material for at least a hundred more in The George Kuchar Reader (Primary Information, 336 pp., $27.50).

The Doctorow is in

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LIT Like the Internet itself, Cory Doctorow seems to be everywhere all at once.

Novelist, essayist, activist, and co-founder of the influential website Boing Boing, the Canadian-born, London-based writer is having a particularly peripatetic autumn, traveling from the UK to various locations throughout Europe and North America.

A joyful noise

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LEFT OF THE DIAL Christopher Owens, San Francisco resident, has a problem.

Still Steppin’

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The Boogaloo is a dance, descended from the Twist but landing firmly between the Philly Dog and the Skate.

"I like to dance. Always did," says Oscar Myers, who turns 70 next week, while demonstrating his moves in front of a whooping, sweating, grinning 1am crowd at San Francisco's Boom Boom Room. Myers knows the Boogaloo because he was there when it happened, and because he plays the melange of funk, soul, jazz, and Latin music that make up its unique sound.