The Democratic Party and SF’s progressives

    Gary Meyer of the Balboa is at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Here is the second of his reports. What a day! They’ve moved things around. Problems with my accreditation badge mean I can’t get into the movies. Offices that used to be in the Palais are at the other end of the Croisette, a 20 minute walk. The lines are huge and don’t seem to move. Finally I get my problems cleared up but every screening is full. Even my friends connected with some movies can’t get me in. The day is almost over and I haven’t seen one film yet. BUZZZZ. “Good morning. This is your 7am wake up call.

    By Tim Redmond

    Steve Jones and I had a lot to say about the election, but in retrospect, we left something out.

    The progressive victories owed a lot to labor and tenant organizers, but also to the Democratic Party — and since I haven’t in the past been prone to praise the local party, I think it’s worth special mention.

    The progressives took over the Democratic County Central Commitee this year, and elected Aaron Peskin chair, and you can see the results: The party raised money and put out slate mailers in the key districts, supporting Eric Mar, John Avalos and David Chiu. With the barrage of downtown attacks in those districts — and the close margin of victory in District 1 — the party, by linking Mar, Avalos and Chiu to the Obama campaign, helped make the difference.

    It’s a new Democratic Party in this town, and that’s one more thing to celebrate.