Donald Trump, mega-chump

    Gary Meyer of the Balboa is at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Here is the second of his reports. What a day! They’ve moved things around. Problems with my accreditation badge mean I can’t get into the movies. Offices that used to be in the Palais are at the other end of the Croisette, a 20 minute walk. The lines are huge and don’t seem to move. Finally I get my problems cleared up but every screening is full. Even my friends connected with some movies can’t get me in. The day is almost over and I haven’t seen one film yet. BUZZZZ. “Good morning. This is your 7am wake up call.

    The internet was all a twitter (pun intended) over the complete and utter destruction of one Donald Trump by one Danny Zuker. Trump, you know. Zuker writes for the show “Modern Family”.

    It’s all here. Talk about a thing of beauty–with surgical precision, Zuker dismantles America’s #1 dirigible. I may be be dating myself here, but this is Ali vs Quarry time.

    It is a fool’s game to debate a comedy writer on Twitter–the service was made for short, concise punchy ‘n pithy soundbytes. Which is what a comedy writer does for a living. It’s a testimony to Trump’s arrogance and years of yes-men lying to him that he even ventured into this battle. Anyone that’s ever been dumb enough to heckle a skilled comic knows what will happen to you in a club, this was even worse.

    Thing is, just about anyone with access to Google could have done a comparible job. Maybe not as skillfully as Zuker did, but damned close. The reason being obvious–Donald Trump is easily one of the most repellent, loathsome public figures in America today. Which is saying something given how crowded the field is, but Trump is extra-special in that he’s not only the walking talking definition of douchebag, he’s also a massive failure at what he is supposed to be an expert in, business.

    This is a man whose primary business declared bankruptcy three times in 15 years. He purchased an airline and drove it into the ground in 4 years. And as so many speculators did in the last decade, he had a mortgage firm–that didn’t go bust in 2008 like the others, because it was already DOA.

    Minus dad’s contacts and cash, he’d have been nothing. Yet, at one point, he was the GOP’s front-runner in 2012. How on earth is that possible?

    Simple. He’s rich. Not successful, rich (and nowhere near as rich as he says he is). Conflating wealth with success is one of America’s great shames. As the nation has no royalty, it had to invent one and as its Founding Fathers were landed gentry, it’s been that way since.

    Donald Trump is a loser. That his fans got a vicarious mental hard-on every time he bellowed out “you’re fired” on TV without realizing that the poor victim of abuse was a lot more like them than Trump says everything you need know about America’s Tories. They’re losers too.