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Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Mary Carbonara


‘Invoking the River’ calls upon spirit of the Ganges with grace and athleticism

Feminine, masculine energies weave through Chitresh Das Dance's new production—not to mention the taranas on steroids

In ‘Nursing These Wounds,’ dancing a precarious Pilipinx immigrant experience

Colonization and exploitation collide with caregiving and ancient ceremony in Alleluia Panis' latest at ODC.

‘Desire for fullness’ leads Megan Lowe to explore dance through biracial identity

Choreographer's 'Gathering Pieces of Peace' foregrounds stories of fractured selves and longing.

In ‘As We Go,’ Joe Goode Performance Group dances into the beauty of life’s end

The choreographer continues to put 'an emphasis on the unglamorized body, when it is fallible or agitated or inept'