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Monday, May 23, 2022

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Initiative would tax Amazon et al. to fund SF guaranteed income program

Early polling shows strong support for the concept.

Two misleading anti-Boudin ads are going to hit local TV this week

The allegations that the DA ignores domestic violence and car break-ins don't add up.

The district gerrymander is back—and looks like the final supes map

A map the community could live with is rejected, and replaced with one that favors conservatives and allies of the mayor.

Final, final, deadline for supes map is Thursday—unless it isn’t

City attorney says Task Force has to approve lines; various others talk about lawsuits.

Real-estate industry, Yimbys, and Breed win a victory in state Assembly race

After changing his politics to run to the right, Haney wins; what does this mean for the progressive movement?

What to watch for in the Assembly election

When to get results, how to read the early numbers—and what it all means.

Redistricting process could change, dramatically, in Friday meeting

The entire redistricting process was thrown into an uproar yesterday, as the Elections Commission set a special meeting for Friday/8 to decide if it...

Opposition to new district lines just keeps growing

Nobody except the mayor seems to like what the Redistricting Task Force is doing. Will the community opposition even matter?

Haney attacks Campos for supporting a measure that Haney also supported

Mailers complain that Campos wanted a pause on the luxury housing causing displacement in the Mission. So did Haney.

What the election results mean—and what comes next

Turnout is going to be key to the April 19 runoff.

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