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Monday, January 30, 2023

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From Trump to tenderness, Gillian Laub’s ‘Family Matters’ explores reaching out

At the Contemporary Jewish Museum, the photographer documents turbulent years in her family and country

Arts Forecast: A new arts magazine aims to dig deep into the local scene

Plus: Bay Area Brewfest, Hella Plants Market, Juan Atkins Techno Symphonic, Reverend Horton Heat, more to do

A ‘Sunday Matinee’ brings hardcore punk and CBGB memories

At the Main Library, photographer Brooke Smith and author Laura Albert share their early '80s scene experience.

Finding nature’s pitch in the macrocosms of Carrie Lederer

The Oakland artist went from a curatorial career to creating her own mycorrhizal murals.

Caren Wynne’s soulful SF work is driven by deep looking—and a deeper dedication

'Inevitably, a scene you take for granted can turn itself into something special when the light is right,' the painter says

‘Wallflowers with deep roots’: Taking in 2022’s vibrant, community-driven art scene

As artists continue to face huge hurdles to survive, our critics delve into how they review (and practice) art now.

Anime meets ancient verse in Kongkee’s ‘Warring States Cyberpunk’

A neon-tinged second life throbs against the backdrop of Asian Art Museum artifacts.

With childrens’ postcards and high-profile testimony, ‘Dyslexic Dictionary’ redefines its terms

Gil Gershoni would like a word when it comes to how we think about his so-called "learning disorder."

Watching cups dry: Berkeley painter Sonia Gill raises the mundane to marvelous

"I am not just painting my dishes," she said. Find out what lies in their lines.

‘What is the portal for them?’ Group show at Minnesota Street Project opens doors

"as you summon other worlds" exhibition evokes artistic connection in more ways than one.

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