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Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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It takes a community to survive COVID and cancer

Please take this virus seriously -- it almost killed me. But my community helped me get through some deep health trauma.

‘Throwing us out like garbage’

SIP hotel residents say the city's not living up to its promises -- and contracts.

On homelessness, no more about us, without us

People who have lived unhoused and in poverty need to be part of the official policy conversation.

The privilege of breathing

How can you shelter in place when you have no shelter?

Homeless sweeps come back to the Tenderloin

“They came by and took our tents, said we had to go and not come back or we would be arrested -- you know a sweep" said Johnell, 48, a...

Stop calling the police on us

Stop Calling Stop Stalling  Stop Talking while more Black Sons are fallen  No I mean Stop enabling and Colonizing  a system that kills  more than it does anything else with roots in the original lie...

Safe sleeping spaces — or cages?

C.A.R.E. For the homeless On some street In Saint Pete Looks like A cage For people.... -- excerpt of the poem People Cages by Dee Allen /Po Poet “It feels like we are back in prison,” said...

Will COVID kill capitalism?

“I have a Case of Toilet Paper, I’ll bring it over tomorrow,” said Reena, a now-unemployed accountant from Alameda. “I have a box of organic vitamins,” said Mr. Johns, an...

The virus of poverty

I was born into a deadly Virus No it wasn’t in the time of MERS, Ebola or Osiris -  It was a disease that kills- that colonizers pretends won’t make you...

Moms4Housing stand up to eviction

UPDATE: The Sheriff's Office forcibly evicted the Moms this morning. https://twitter.com/LeftSentThis/status/1217138736560930817 Dominique Walker issued the following statement: “We’ve heard from people all over the world who are inspired by our nonviolent civil...