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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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Finally, Native American land returned to Native Americans in Berkeley

At the ancient Berkeley shellmound, the Lisjan people get back their sacred land.

Opinion: Prop. 1 and Prop. F are just more attacks on poor people

These are not solutions. They are just ways to make life on the streets even more unpleasant.

Tiny homes with giant restrictions are not a solution to homelessness

Tiny tombs, I mean tiny homes Not a place to call our own  Tiny tombs better describes the triggerr of those jail-like rooms  The InsideNOTsafe is a...

The 54-year battle for People’s Park continues

The cops are back. Barricades are up. The unhoused are evicted. Cars are towed. UC doesn't care.

Save the Redstone Building!

The historic building has housed progressive groups for decades. Can it survive a a home for the left?

Legendary Oakland martial arts club—and its founder—face eviction

Casco's Martial Arts may be forced to close, and Sensei Owens and his wife forced into homelessness.

Ending eviction moratoriums means more people homeless on the streets

Eviction Moratorium for Mama Earth— To truly liberate her from her paper dollar worth  Eviction Moratoriums =  Forever Houzin can weave a different story  For the mom...

Shoplifting on stolen land

Debt-Lying, surviving and dying from hunger

The destruction of a community in Oakland

Police, bulldozers evict longtime residents of Wood Street Commons.

From Hooverville to Nicklesville

A report from Seattle, where housing built and run by homeless people is having an impact.