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My friends, many of you have been with us for ten years. Some are more recent readers. We started 48hills to offer a progressive daily news alternative, to challenge the existing media narratives in this city. It’s become very clear today that we are needed more than ever. 

Conservative media narratives on public safety, on housing, on homelessness, and so many other key issues have come to dominate local politics. Three of the major candidates for mayor are sounding almost like Republicans.

And we are often the only daily news voice offering a direct alternative.

This is a critical time for the city, and for 48hills. As we head into a crucial fall election, we want to do more: More reporting on the candidates, more investigations in the billionaire attempts to take over the city, more deep discussion of the issues.

We can’t do it with our current funding. In fact, right now we are barely holding on.

Some outlets have deep-pocketed owners or investors. We don’t. The only way this is going to work in the next year is if we can get at least $1,000 people to donate $20 a month.

That’s not a lot of people, and not a lot of money.

If everyone who read this message signed up for $20 a month donations, we’d have more than enough money to expand. We realize not everyone can do that. But those of you who can, please: Go here, sign up to help us make our goal. Tell your friends and allies.

Just $20 a month. We can get to 1,000, I know we can. Please help. Thanks for all you are and all you do!

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