Stories about Homelessness

From the poor house to the jail house

A report from the front lines of the penal abolition movement

Homeless — because the rent is too damn high

Rent increases are a major cause of homelessness, a new national study finds

Homeless advocates criticize Sheehy bike bill

What's a 'chop shop' and what's a collection of bicycles by someone without a roof over their head?

Can we actually solve homelessness?

Sure -- but we have to seriously rethink our housing, economic development, and planning policies. Oh, and raise taxes on the billionaires. Why are we not talking about this?

For homeless people, normal life becomes ‘dangerous’

Eating, dreaming, reading, sitting, contemplating, resting, talking, working, chilling, convening, kissing, and god forbid, even having sexual relations are suddenly criminal when you don't have a private home

Why are so many people homeless in SF?

It's our fault, for accepting a political and economic system that has utterly failed

The fire that torched their hopes: ‘I was just getting my life together’

"Now I feel like I have to do it all over again after I worked so hard to rebuild everything from nothing"

Community confronts Chief Suhr: ‘I am never calling the police’

Bay Area residents tell police chief they would rather be in harm's way then trust the police after officers kill homeless man

Why we have a homeless emergency

Roots of the problem aired during hearing on Campos bill

The Agenda, March 21-27, 2008: A homeless emergency, mayoral vetoes ….

... justice for Mario Woods, and how the TPP would hurt journalism.