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Saturday, May 25, 2024

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Christopher D. Cook


Ode to Uptown: RIP, feisty bar for punks and lefties

The legendary almost-40-year-old bar went out with tipsy adieus, sidewalk fiddlers, and a reminder of ongoing Mission gentrification.

Tenderloin tour upends ‘doom loop’ narrative

There's a lot more to the neighborhood than the national media wants to report.

Hallelujah: On the companionship found in Leonard Cohen a capellas

New York City trip with the Conspiracy of Beards hones one writer's pitch.

The pointless, misleading, cynical—and really weird—fentanyl ad campaign

Tech mogul Michael Moritz and his group are more interested in ousting progressives than in solving the addiction crisis on the streets.

Ruach Graffis, legendary SF cab driver and organizer, is dead at 74

Labor activist ends her life with dignity, surrounded by friends.

Where’s the money for health care and saving the planet? Well, we clearly have it

With an unprecedented $2 trillion economic stabilization package at last finalized, and a flood of cash and credit emanating from the government to stem the...

The problem with the Blue Angels

Editor’s note: The news media in San Francisco are all agog about the Blue Angels – as they always are, every year. The main...

As Amazon burns, Democratic leaders deny climate-change debate

As the Amazon rainforest blazed into blackening skies in Brazil, further intensifying the climate crisis, activists’ months-long push for a Democratic Party presidential debate...

A Green New Deal protest at Pelosi’s office

  While Rep. Nancy Pelosi jousted with President Trump over a government shutdown and the border wall, about 250 climate activists demanding a Green New...

Protesters demand a Green New Deal

Donning particle masks in the smoke-fogged air this morning, dozens of protesters urged Bay Area congressional representatives Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Lee to endorse...