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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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David Talbot


After 60 years, the major media still won’t tell the truth about the JFK assassination

The evidence that top officials in the military and CIA killed the president is overwhelming—but The New York Times won't even run an oped about it.

OPINON: Democrats need to stay strong — or get rolled again

AOC shows us bipartisanship -- with a bite.

We’re all outside agitators at this point

We all knew America was a powder keg and, we all knew it had to blow up. Endless police or vigilante violence against Black...

How do you cover the end of the world?

How do you cover the End of the World, as a journalist or artist or simply a citizen trying to make sense of the...

A hippie van and an annoying smart-phone dude

The number of San Francisco people living in cars, vans or other vehicles has increased by a whopping 45 percent in the last two...

Boycott Lyft, Protest Twitter

Lyft's decision to contribute $100,000 to fight Proposition C, San Francisco's urgent measure to help the homeless, is morally reprehensible -- and must now...

Trump, the Deep State, and grassroots democracy

A progressive populist tidal wave is sweeping America -- from California to the New York island/from the Redwood Forest, to the Gulf Stream...

Enough is enough: Saving SF values

Editor's note: A lot of us were amazed to see more than 100 people crowd into the Women's Building Friday night for a general...