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Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Jennifer Friedenbach


An open letter to Sups. Dorsey, Engardio, and Mandelman

Editor's note: The office of City Attorney David Chiu will argue in federal appeals court Wednesday that the court should lift an injunction banning...

The mayor’s budget takes money away from unhoused youth and families

Sure, expand shelter—but don't take the money away from the most vulnerable populations.

Breed’s Tenderloin plan is just a rehash of cruel policies that never worked

Using police to solve social and health problems has failed for decades; why is San Francisco ready to do it again?

Dirty desperate lies about Prop. C

Proposition C to appear on November’s ballot is a long time coming. It’s San Francisco’s opportunity to tackle the humanitarian crisis of homelessness while...

Solving the homeless crisis: Some immediate positive steps

Editor's note: We are joining with other news media to talk about homeless issues this week. We've looked at why there are so many...

El Nino is a public health crisis — and SF is dropping the ball

El Nino is here, and the storms will get worse in the next few weeks. This has created a state of emergency for the people...