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Thursday, June 13, 2024

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Mark Ginsburg


Spending MLK Day in Cuba

A country the US still calls 'terrorist' celebrates the legacy of a US civil rights leader

Cuba solidarity activists rally in SF as U.N. overwhelmingly calls for end to embargo

US talks human rights—but the blockade against Cuba violates the human rights of the Cuban people.

Why I went to DC to protest Biden’s foolish and cruel policy on Cuba

The ongoing economic blockade, a relic of Trump, makes no geopolitical or human sense.

Health, agriculture, and education in Cuba

The tiny island country makes amazing progress despite the US blockade

Reflections from a trip to Cuba

US faith leaders head to the island nation to bring medical supplies—and counter US propaganda.

Bay Area residents join efforts to end ‘merciless’ blockade of Cuba

Biden is still enforcing Trump's harsh sanctions despite a 184-2 UN statement of condemnation.