Stories about Foreign Policy

Assassination of Philippine leader 35 years ago holds lessons for today

Aquino's death set in place a people's revolution in a country once again controlled by an authoritarian ruler.

Trump, the Deep State, and grassroots democracy

Understanding the two political narratives competing for public attention today - and the one that gets all the news media attention

Foreign Correspondent: Trump’s phony support for Iran’s popular protests

Iranians on all sides of the political spectrum oppose the US president's policies and actions

Foreign Correspondent: Make Saudi Arabia great again!

Saudi ruler takes a cue from Trump

Tearing down the ‘Walls’

Latest SF Mime Troupe takes on the challenge of immigration, and parodying 'a government that is a parody of itself.'

Trump means war. Let’s not forget that

We need to keep an eye on foreign policy while we worry about the domestic agenda

In Vietnam, capitalism is winning

Forty years afer the war ended, it's Apple, Facebook, and American TV By Andrew Lam MAY 5, 2015 -- Forty years have passed since the Vietnam...

What’s really behind Obama’s Cuba move

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson DECEMBER 23, 2014 -- There were two big takeaways from President Obama’s Cuban opening. The first is obvious. After 55 years...