Monday, March 8, 2021

Tag: Tom Ammiano

A varsity letter at 79, a rally to free Malik ….

... plus saving homeless hotel rooms -- and should people who bought a building cleared by eviction get a financial bonus? That's The Agenda for March 1-8

So San Francisco isn’t broke. Where is the money?

What if we tried to attract artists instead of tech companies? Hearing will look at post-COIVD economy. Plus: A huge payout to victim of police abuse. That's The Agenda for Feb. 15-21

[UPDATED] ‘Sacred’ LGBTQ memorial space in Castro threatened by Bank of America

New signs at 'Hibernia Beach' area, traditionally used to mourn community members, warn against shrines

The sleaze reaches high tide at City Hall

How can this level of seemingly endless corruption have happened -- and how high does it go?

Some defining issues in the fall supes race

The San Francisco Democratic Party will vote on endorsements for the Board of Supes Wednesday/22, and while the party nod doesn’t always mean victory, it’s a powerful statement –...

Harry Britt, LGBT progressive pioneer, dies at 82

Harry Britt, who was a pioneering LGBTQ leader as well as a champion of the city’s left, died today at 82. Britt was a close friend and ally of Harvey...

Tom Ammiano’s feisty new memoir tells all, from Milk to mayoral run

In 'Kiss My Gay Ass,' the eminent politico, activist, comedian, teacher, and personality spills the tea.

LGBT leaders take on elder abuse

Two longtime LGBT leaders are holding a special event Thursday/5 to discuss elder abuse in the queer community. The LGBT population of San Francisco is aging. The National Center on Elder...

Haney proposes sweeping reforms for public works

In the wake of the Mohammed Nuru scandal, Sup. Matt Haney is proposing a reform that should have been done years ago. He wants to put street cleaning –...

Political operatives try to defend dark money

The city’s new law mandating real disclosure for dark money in local elections is under attack – and the legal filing include some fascinating information. Todd David, who runs the...