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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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Jeffrey Edalatpour


Review: Crimes of a cheatin’ heart in ‘This Side of Crazy’

Del Shores might not have cribbed the idea for This Side of Crazy (at New Conservatory Theater through October 20) from Beth Henley’s Crimes of...

Review: Superman is Black and invincible in ‘Supremacy’

Two modes of storytelling collide with meaningful results in Jason Mendez’s play Supremacy (at Exit Theatre through Sat/18). The playwright repurposes Superman’s origin story...

Life is a ‘Vanity Fair,’ old chum

ONSTAGE If you disregard the period setting, squint at the pastel backdrops and blur out the sumptuous jewel-toned dresses, Kate Hamill’s adaptation of Vanity...