Karen Macklin

Karen Macklin is a writer and a teacher of yoga & mindfulness in San Francisco. See more about her at www.karenmacklin.com.

Examined Life: Power, patriarchy, and the imperfect guru

Buddhist teacher Noah Levine is dismissed from Against the Stream because of sexual misconduct. Now the organization is folding. Why does this song sound so familiar?

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Bourdain, Spade, and Stone: If we want our heroes to thrive, we have to stop expecting them to be heroic.

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Money, romance, health. Your life is never going to be perfect. Once you truly understand that, you can finally start enjoying it.

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Smart phone addiction is hijacking not only our sanity, but the places we once went to reclaim it. Here's what we can do.

Examined Life: The subtle power of ‘me too’

Why empathy is a key ingredient to activism in the world of sexual assault