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Sunday, July 14, 2024

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MusicMusic Book Club

Music Book Club

Watch: Will Hermes dives deep into Lou Reed on Music Book Club

A Rolling Stone editor and professor takes on 'The King of New York' (and the state of music journalism).

Watch: Legendary DJ Paulette gives us juicy nightlife history on Music Book Club

'Welcome to the Club' details more than 30 years of UK house music history and her own fascinating story.

Watch: Scott Woods breaks down ‘Prince and Little Weird Black Boy Gods’ on Music Book Club

The critic and poet's latest book takes a unique look at the Purple One's career and the meaning of his music.

Watch: Hip-hop journalist Soren Baker delves into the story of Juicy J on Music Book Club

The prolific reporter was the first to cover Juicy's legendary outfit Three 6 Mafia on a national scale. Now he tells the rapper's tale

Watch: What’s up in electronic music? Shawn Reynaldo’s on the case with Music Book Club

The former Bay Area journalist turned his popular newsletter 'First Floor' into a book delving deep into the culture.

Watch: The Houston hip-hop revolutionary who slowed things down, on Music Book Club

Author Lance Scott Walker on his fascinating oral biography of DJ Screw—and some Bay Area connections

Listen: DJ Disciple breaks down the cultural history of NYC’s house scene on Music Book Club

The legendary music-maker takes us on the spirited journey through decades of the NYC underground.

Watch: How did Black women build pop? Danyel Smith breaks it down on Music Book Club

The former Billboard and Vibe editor joined us for a hilarious and insightful talk.

Watch the first Music Book Club interview, with Dan Charnas of ‘Dilla Time’!

The acclaimed author and educator told us how he wrote his epic tome on the Detroit hip-hop beats genius.

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