Saturday, March 6, 2021

Tag: City Budget

A varsity letter at 79, a rally to free Malik ….

... plus saving homeless hotel rooms -- and should people who bought a building cleared by eviction get a financial bonus? That's The Agenda for March 1-8

Shamann Walton is the new board president

Unanimous vote a win for progressives as tough issues face City Hall in 2021.

Democrat in D7 race helps pay for Republican candidate’s mailer

Joel Engardio is on a one-two slate with right-wing GOP hopeful -- and the mayor is now endorsing both Engardio and Myrna Melgar.

SF voters want more housing, not more police, for homeless crisis

Strong support for bold measures, including $2 billion in spending, in new poll.

Old SF money backing stealthy new right-wing group

Most start-up political organizations like a splash. They hold news events, press conferences, big galas to say: We have arrived. This is who we are, this is our agenda,...

Berkeley youth march to defund police

On Monday afternoon, more than 100 high-school aged youth marched through Shattuck Avenue and Adeline Street in Berkeley, parading behind a truck blasting “Fuck Tha Police” by N.W.A and...

Defunding the police: There’s big money there

As activists around the country, and here in San Francisco, talk about defunding the police, it’s worth taking a moment to look at exactly how much money this city...

The misleading reports (and reporting) on Prop. E

I was around in 1986, when the San Francisco Chronicle, along with most of the political power structure of the city, argued that Proposition M, a measure to limit...

SF pays $58,000 for Uber and Lyft rides

San Francisco spent almost $58,000 in the past year reimbursing city employees for rides on Uber and Lyft, public records show. Records obtained from the Controller’s Office and the Mayor’s...

Tech IPOS will radically increase housing costs and inequality, report shows

The six tech IPOs that are likely to happen in the next year could drive up housing prices as much as 11 percent – that’s $147,000 on the median...