Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Tag: Dennis Herrera

Judge refuses to get involved in SF schools’ reopening decisions

Herrera's case had no legal grounding -- which isn't really much of a surprise.

Books: Free City and the fight for community college education

A comprehensive history tells the story of the struggle to preserve SF's City College -- and block the neo-liberal approach to education.

It takes a city to open the schools

Testing, tracking, vaccines -- and Muni! -- have to be part of the plan, and neoliberal leadership isn't going to help.

Supreme Court upholds Prop. C in major victory for SF homeless advocates

Ruling shows that the odious Prop. 13, which devastated schools and local government, is starting to crumble.

Appeals Court upholds Prop. C in major win for local tax measures

Less than a week after hearing oral arguments on the validity of the city’s big-business tax to fund homeless programs, a unanimous panel of the state Court of Appeal...

‘Rogue’ party uproar shows tech, journalism’s COVID-19 limits

As unpleasant as it is to find out that swans are not in fact mating-for-life in Venetian canals next to frolicking dolphins, it’s doubly frustrating to hear that people...

Latest person caught up in scandal was a major political player

Another major player in San Francisco politics in in serious trouble in the ever-widening City Hall scandal. Rodrigo Santos, an ally of former mayors Willie Brown, Gavin Newsom, and Ed...

DBI director suspended in widening corruption probe

As the City Hall corruption scandal widens, Tom Hui, the director of the Department of Building Inspection, was put on administrative leave today, Mayor Breed announced. The mayor made that...

What did Breed’s Nuru announcement really mean?

It’s taken a couple of days, but the local news media have mostly come around to the fact that the real news Friday was not Mayor London Breed’s acknowledgement...

The politics of the race for SF judge

When four public defenders challenged sitting judges two years ago, it created a furor in the world of the local judiciary. As I wrote back then, judges by and...