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Thursday, June 17, 2021

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Tagged with: Public Power

Supes to vote on public bank plan

Plus: Exposing the ongoing PG&E scandal, and a hearing on rent relief -- that's The Agenda for June 13-20

Herrera moves to PUC, giving Breed a chance to appoint a new city attorney

Dramatic move could shake up local politics and impact public policy for years to come.

SF could have affordable Internet for everyone for $35 a resident

Why isn't the Breed Administration moving for municipal broadband? That's The Agenda for April 11-18

A call for the state to revoke PG&E’s license to sell power

In the wake of more criminal charges, some say the PUC should end the private utility's role as the main energy provider in Northern California (paving the way for public power).

Jane Morrison, lifelong activist, dies at 100

Jane Morrison, who was an urban environmentalist before anyone knew what that meant and a central part of the progressive movement in this city...

Stopping evictions and price-gouging in the coronavirus crisis

Sup. Dean Preston is calling for a moratorium on all evictions in San Francisco during the coronavirus outbreak. And District Attorney Chesa Boudin has...

SF’s PG&E buyout makes political — and economic — sense

It has been, my former colleague Savannah Blackwell reminds me, 50 years (and a few months) since the Bay Guardian first published a story...

After 50 years, SF poised to move on public power

The Chron kicked off the annual media week of stories on homelessness Sunday with a long, detailed, Q&A – readers submitted questions, and Editor...

‘In the name of climate sanity’

The supes listened for more than two and a half hours to testimony and expert reports on the city’s role in climate change –...

Will Newsom sign PG&E bailout bill?

When the San Francisco Chronicle runs an editorial saying that a PG&E bailout bill is a bad idea because it might undermine the city’s...