Stories about Smart Growth

Regional government sells out Bay Area cities

The latest ABAG-MTC merger deal pays little attention to the constituents of the two powerful agencies

Who’s ‘against change?’

Or does that just mean some of us are against the sort of change that the powers that be are pushing?

Developers win with “smart growth” rule

New rules would make it harder to raise environmental challenges to projects that cause urban congestion

The strange and telling story behind the regional planning merger deal

The plan to let the powerful MTC take control of regional planning is on hold -- but by no means dead -- and social equity hangs in the balance

Secrecy rules in regional-planning power struggle

Critical funding, equity issues playing out with very little public input By Zelda Bronstein SEPTEMBER 1, 2015 -- Last week the power struggle between the Metropolitan...

A leading voice on urban planning in CA debunks housing trickle-down

The progressives are not the only ones saying that building more market-rate housing won't solve the city's problem  By Peter Cohen AUGUST 19, 2015 -- A...

The false promise of regional governance

Unless the elites change their ways, centralized planning is never going to work MAY 13 -- There’s a push on by Bay Area elites to...

Prosperity, poverty, and really bad planning

You may not have heard of the Economic Prosperity Strategy -- but it's an alarming, dangerous proposal that could impact the future of San...

A new pro-growth group takes on the politics of housing

SFBARF is getting a lot of press for a theory -- build and build and build and housing prices will come down -- that...

Mayor Lee’s failed housing policies — and how we can demand change in 2015

The mayor's State of the City address stressed housing -- but his actual record is dismal and his proposals won't work   By Calvin Welch JANUARY 15,...