Stories about Rent Control

The strange saga of 114 Lyon St

Owner wants to convert four-unit building into single-family home -- because someone else did it illegally years ago. We investigate

Cohen moves to sideline opposition to ‘profoundly undemocratic’ state law

Tenant advocates fear that AB 943 could undermine ballot measures for rent control

In historic vote, Democratic Party supports rent control

Although landlord lobbyists control the state Capitol, the party members overwhelmingly sent a pro-tenant message last weekend

The Agenda, Sept. 21-27: The fate of tenant protections

Key legislation comes before the supes. Plus: developer subsidies and Mission development controls By Tim Redmond SEPTEMBER 21, 2015 – A major expansion of the city’s...

The problem with the Mission Moratorium report

City's economist misses a few key points in his analysis of the impacts of the Mission Moratorium By Tim Redmond SEPTEMBER 14, 2015 -- The Chronicle...

It’s not hard to be an ethical landlord

An open letter from a property owner to the SF supervisors Editors note: Landlord Spike Kahn send this letter to Sup. Malia Cohen, Sup. Scott...

Landlord forces lie to Richmond voters

People gathering signatures for rent-control repeal say they are working to improve rent control By Tim Redmond SEPTEMBER 2, 2015 – Some of the people gathering...

Big-money interests seek to repeal rent control in Richmond

Tenant groups say that pricey petition campaign is using misleading tactics to confuse voters By Tim Redmond AUGUST 27, 2015 -- A real-estate-backed effort to repeal...