Stories about Uber

What’s at stake for big condo project at Van Ness and Market

Appeal delayed a week so the parties can talk -- but there is a whole lot more than this project on the table

The Tom and Tim Show: The Ministry of Silly Walks and AT&T’s dildos

Oh, plus some local and statewide politics. We discuss the week

Should Uber be shut down?

Harvard business professor says the real problem in the tech industry is a "contagious" culture of lawbreaking that society shouldn't tolerate

How we can tax Uber

Maybe SF can charge a fee for all the congestion, street damage, and Muni impacts of 45,000 new cars on the streets

The Tom and Tim Show: A rotten year, a rotten smell …

... and a rotten new weed law? Plus a couple of fun things to do New Year's Eve. We talk about the week

No CEQA review for Uber

City admits that the impact of all these new cars on the streets doesn't qualify as an environmental impact

Uber drivers block the bike lanes

Ride shares make it almost impossible to ride safely along Valencia corridor on weekend nights -- and there's no law enforcement in sight

Our top 15 stories of 2015

From Airbnb lies and Uber scams to Old Boys Clubs and Stanford a-holes, 48 Hills covered the stories no one elseĀ could. It's been a momentous...

Sharing economy execs sued for cheating nanny out of wages

Sexual harassment charges also part of lawsuit against senior employees of Airbnb and Uber, which encourage lawbreaking as the essence of their business model By...

State regulators slam Uber

Fake cab outfit could lose its license, pay $7.5 million fine; ruling could have a broader impact on the sharing economy By Tim Redmond JULY 16,...