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Monday, July 4, 2022

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Lou Fancher


Lessons from a fearful fido: Meredith May’s ‘Loving Edie’

It may be packaged as a dive into doggy world, but the Bay Area author's second book is all about accepting limits.

‘Booth’ makes most of its historical fiction in tale of assassin and his kin

Author Karen Joy Fowler renders the story of John Wilkes' family as that of our country itself.

85-minute lipsync becomes theater star’s joy in ‘Dana H.’

Jordan Baker speaks to the rigor involved in portraying the true-life tale of a chaplain counselor's five-month abduction.

Berkeley professor from Angola talks about the threat to abortion rights—globally

Dr. Ndola Prata: 'When laws get highly punitive, the poor are affected'

Raging Grannies and Radical Women on protecting reproductive rights—and more

We’ll tell them that if abortion is not legal, abortions won’t be gone, they will just be unsafe.

What sparks creativity? ‘Inspired’ inspects the tinder and the flame

Pulitzer-winning author Matt Richtel examines the journey creative people take to arrive at 'a-ha!'—with some surprises along the way.

John Killacky’s ‘Because Art’ is an evergreen call for creative survival

It may be an expert “autopsy” on the arts industry, but the multi-hyphenate's latest book also inspires hope for the next generation of hub-makers and risk-takers.

Excellent reads that grabbed hold and shook us in 2021

Black food history, wildlife encounters, basketball heroes, and more transformed our thought patterns last year.

Allergic to holiday “stuff”? Try our no-thing gift guide

Scintillating artist talks to science museum escapades: sweet gifts for the consumerism-averse.

Review: Skating through Californian dystopia in José Vadi’s ‘Inter State’

High-tech takeovers, disappearing bars, and deep family history haunt this striking book of essays.