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Sunday, May 28, 2023

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If we are going to bail out the banks, what about the flooded farmworkers?

Most of this bailout discussion is missing the point.

As the rich party in Davos, a new study shows the importance of a global wealth tax

This needs to be on the agenda of political leaders at every level, from Congress to the SF Board of Supes.

The Golden Goose is dead

For decades, the city's elite touted downtown development as the savior of SF economy. That era is now officially over.

What if we let artists and homeless people take over all the empty SF office space?

The old work model is over, and downtown and the local economy is going to suffer—unless we get creative about the future.

I don’t want Gavin Newsom’s $400 gift card

If he sends me one, I'm sending it to the Coalition on Homelessness. But it's still a terrible idea.

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