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Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Tagged with: Alamo Drafthouse

Screen Grabs: ‘Elvis’? We’d rather watch ‘Clambake’

Plus: Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes, Flux Gourmet, Gatlopp: Hell of a Game, more new movies reviewed

Screen Grabs: ‘Noir City’ tackles still-relevant issues in black and white

Racial strife to potential pandemic, the fest's 19th edition resonates. Plus: Seven Samurai, The Batwoman, Stunt Rock, more

Screen Grabs: 50 years on, ‘Pink Flamingos’ is still a delightfully absurdist shock

Plus: Timely tales of Russian-European friendship and war, Unnamed Footage Fest, Hawaiian psychedelia, more

Noise Pop diary: Three takeaways from the big music fest

Noise Pop 2022 was an overwhelming success, signaling a return to live concerts. Of course, we have thoughts.

Screen Grabs: A ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’… of influencers?

Plus: Two outrageous retro classics and three indie horrors that caught our eye (if not our hearts)

Screen Grabs: From silents to Noise Pop, setting old scores and new

Hendrix in Maui, Chaplin at the Paramount, Aelita the Queen of Mars, Gwar, and more movies mix with music.

Screen Grabs: The fascinating cringe of ‘Breezy’

Clint Eastwood's "sexy" 1973 relic gets a revival. Plus: 'The Cat,' 'Olive Trees of Justice,' more movie reviews

Screen Grabs: It’s 2022 and we’re not Soylent Green… yet.

Plus out-there adventures with 'Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway,' 'Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched,' more

Best of the Bay 2021: Arts + Nightlife winners

READERS' POLL: Best Nightclub, Best Art Gallery, Best Drag Queen, Best Live Venue, Best Band, more

Screen Grabs: ‘Eyes of Tammy Faye’ blinks at real issues

Plus: Poignant sunset hippie idealism in 'Freeland,' Nic Cage's latest wild ride, and a St. Vincent hall of mirrors.