Monday, April 19, 2021

Tag: Ballot Measures

Radical right group is trying to attack public-sector labor in SF

Anti-union mailers are going to workers home addresses -- but really, this group is looking pretty desperate.

Supervisors vote to ban smoking tobacco in apartments—but spare cannabis

Sup. Mandelman’s amendment saves SF from what for many, could have amounted to a ban on smokable marijuana.

Connie Chan now in tight race in D1

Marjan Philhour takes 53-vote lead; next ballot count at 5pm.

Cannabis for president: Legalization, decriminalization ruled ballots nationwide

Last night, US voters proved ending prohibition is the one thing they can agree on, from Arizona to Mississippi.

Old SF money backing stealthy new right-wing group

Most start-up political organizations like a splash. They hold news events, press conferences, big galas to say: We have arrived. This is who we are, this is our agenda,...

Supes are driving the political agenda in SF

The center of public policy in San Francisco has so clearly shifted from the Mayor’s Office to the Board of Supes that nearly every important initiative these days is...

Supes consider major changes in business taxes

The Board of Supes Budget and Finance Committee will consider Thursday/16 a series of tax measures that could raise more than $100 million for the city and change the...

More results: Public defenders winning for judge

More results – only 22,000 Election Day votes, but we can seem some trends. All of the ballot measures are now passing; the tax and bond measures are getting more...

Last-minute campaign intelligence — and Election Night Parties

I haven’t seen a campaign mailer from Rep. Nancy Pelosi in at least 20 years. She doesn’t make a habit of coming back to town before elections, either; she’s...

Firefighters want no part of dark-money lawsuit

The San Francisco Firefighters Union is asking the political consultant who is suing to overturn the city’s dark money law to immediately stop referring to the Prop B bond...