Stories about Bay Area Planning

Regional government sells out Bay Area cities

The latest ABAG-MTC merger deal pays little attention to the constituents of the two powerful agencies

The attack on local zoning control

A sweeping regional-government plan promotes growth at all costs, and seeks to cut community input out of the picture

The strange and telling story behind the regional planning merger deal

The plan to let the powerful MTC take control of regional planning is on hold -- but by no means dead -- and social equity hangs in the balance

A pricey palace, huge losses in risky investments, a busted bridge — and now the agency responsible wants more...

Behind the power grab by the Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Should the regional transportation agency be elected?

A new twist in the power struggle over Bay Area planning

Displacement policy at risk in quiet power struggle

Two regional agencies battling over the future of Bay Area planning -- with social justice in the balance By Zelda Bronstein JULY 21, 2015 --At a...

Why is there no housing for Google and Apple workers on the Peninsula?

Why is it wrong for Google workers to live near where they work? (Hint: The suburbs don't want them) By Tim Redmond It's time for our...