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Monday, October 3, 2022

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Tagged with: Breez

The Doormat Division: 0-for-Niners!

  DOORMAT DIVISION STANDINGS, WEEK NINE NFC                                   W-L          PF        PA      DIF SANTA CLARA         0-9           143      239     -96 NY GIANTS               1-7           129      207     -78 TAMPA BAY              2-6           158     198     -40 CHICAGO                ...

Puff: The might of microdosing

Welcome to Puff, our new cannabis column, covering news, culture, product reviews, and broader issues important to the cannabis community. Puff is also a monthly...

New flicks!

SCREEN GRABS Late August, when the kids are nearly back in school and the summer blockbusters are gradually winding down at the box office,...