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Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Tagged with: Clean water

Fierce environmental champions: Meet the 2021 Goldman Prize winners

Six real-life heroes who have pushed back against global disaster, from Louisiana's 'Cancer Alley' to Malawi's plastics crisis.

Leaders under 30: Delano City Council’s Salvador Solorio-Ruiz says ‘change can’t wait’

'Young people want to be represented, and want to know that those who already have a seat at the table will make room for their voices to be heard.'

The privilege of breathing

How can you shelter in place when you have no shelter?

The virus of poverty

I was born into a deadly Virus No it wasn’t in the time of MERS, Ebola or Osiris -  It was a disease that kills- that...

Wiener’s housing deregulation bill is back!

State Sen. Scott Wiener will hold a press conference and rally in Oakland Tuesday/7 to announce that he’s re-introducing a new version of his...

Never again is now: A month of protests at ICE headquarters in SF

On Thursday afternoon, an ad hoc group called “Month of Momentum” assembled outside of the ICE building in San Francisco to condemn US border...

Eight ‘Big Ideas’ at MoveOn Forum

On Saturday afternoon, eight Democratic presidential hopefuls appeared for MoveOn’s “Big Ideas Forum” in San Francisco. Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Cory Booker, Congressman Beto O’Rourke,...

Special Report: Scenes from the migrant caravan in Tijuana, part 1

Three days ago, anthropologists Seth M. Holmes, Fabian Fernandez, and Levi Vonk returned to UC Berkeley after meeting the migrant caravan in Tijuana. During...

Always, forced to move

The rubber sides of the boat were like arms – thick, round, hard. “These are the boats refugees have to travel through, men...

Resist Trump — dump Ford (and ignore the Super Bowl hype)

San Francisco and the Bay Area remain a bellwether for progressive human rights, peace, labor, and environmental values. Just about everyone in San Francisco...