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Saturday, October 16, 2021

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Tagged with: Columbus Day

Serra statue protesters facing criminal charges

Why is the Catholic Church, which preaches forgiveness and restorative justice, pushing to punish people who tore down a racist statue?

OPINION: Let’s abolish Columbus Day

It’s a simple proposal: Abolish Columbus Day and find another way to honor Italian contributions to this country. That’s what more than 50 Italian academics,...

The Agenda, Oct. 10-17: Should we celebrate the Twitter tax break?

I am glad, I suppose, that there’s nice art coming to mid-Market to “spur curiosity and connection.” Five years after the Twitter tax break,...

Why I hate Columbus Day

I hate October 12. It’s the day I’m supposed to wave la bandiera d’Italia, the Italian flag. I'm proud to be southern Italian, which means,...

Soccer, Airbnb, and the colonization of the Mission

By Erin McElroy OCTOBER 13 -- By now the video of the young white “Dropbox Dudes” kicking the youth of color out of the Mission...