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Thursday, June 8, 2023

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Tagged with: D9

Jackie Fielder formally announces for District 9 supe seat

Two progressives will be competing against at least one strong moderate in a race that could be decided by an RCV strategy.

The June election was bad news for Mayor London Breed

That's just one of the many key messages that the news media have missed.

The hits keep coming: Haney backers go after Campos, Mahmood

Big money pays as (utterly false) dirt flies in the Feb. 15 election—but is it too late to make a difference?

The future of the Board of Supes is on the line as redistricting moves forward

A city task force will draw new district lines for the next decade. The mayor's allies already have members. The supes pick three this week.

30 SF candidates sound off on how they would support sexual assault survivors

The Coalition of Local Anti-Rape Advocates questionnaire grills candidates on how they would support houseless, undocumented, and incarcerated survivors.

Some defining issues in the fall supes race

The San Francisco Democratic Party will vote on endorsements for the Board of Supes Wednesday/22, and while the party nod doesn’t always mean victory,...

Haney proposes sweeping reforms for public works

In the wake of the Mohammed Nuru scandal, Sup. Matt Haney is proposing a reform that should have been done years ago. He wants...

Supes poised to create 12 new districts where vacancy tax can be assessed

The Board of Supes is moving to create a dozen new neighborhood commercial districts – a move that will bring more of the city...

What the city’s new housing policy will mean

San Francisco wound up with a sweeping new affordable housing policy this week, one that will encourage the demolition of some existing low-rise commercial...

What if everything the national Democratic Party leaders think about campaigns is wrong?

You could fill half a library with all the post-election analyses, recriminations, post-mortems and debates over the worse debacle to hit the Democratic Party...