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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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Tagged with: Harvey Milk Club

Task Force members say Mayor’s Office was calling the shots on redistricting

The mapping was wired from the start, two members say—'I wish you could have been honest.'

Opposition to new district lines just keeps growing

Nobody except the mayor seems to like what the Redistricting Task Force is doing. Will the community opposition even matter?

Haney attacks Campos for supporting a measure that Haney also supported

Mailers complain that Campos wanted a pause on the luxury housing causing displacement in the Mission. So did Haney.

Should the Castro be filled with a tech mogul’s surveillance cameras?

A sort-of, kind-of private organization that does neighborhood improvements in the Castro is meeting next week to decide whether to move forward with a...

Activists ‘defend’ Hibernia Beach after sacred Castro mourning space threatened

Harvey Milk Club members, others converged on MLK Day to reaffirm the site as community space

Teacher’s Union endorses Wiener opponent for state Senate

The March State Senate primary in San Francisco is heating up. Jackie Fielder, the Indigenous-Mexicana queer activist who has been involved in the campaign for...

Two local slates vie to set direction for state Democratic Party

City Hall pretty much closes up shop for a couple of weeks this time of year; the city, unlike the federal government, is not...

Prop. C kickoff puts politicians in the spotlight: Whose side are you on?

The Yes on C campaign, representing the most important issue on the November ballot, held a rousing kickoff today – and the debate is...

Breed, Wiener endorse transphobic School Board candidate

A startling number of local officials, including Mayor London Breed and state Sen. Scott Wiener, have endorsed for School Board a candidate who helped...

Campaign trail: A path for SF Dems to endorse Kim and Leno?

I may have been wrong about my assessment of the SF Democratic Party and the mayor’s race. If the strategy of the Mark Leno and...