Stories about Income Taxes

The (not so secret) agenda of the Trump tax plan

The GOP wants to debilitate state and local government revenues in areas that typically vote for Democrats

The big media lie about single-payer health care

It won't cost taxpayers $400 billion. We have to pay that much for health care anyway. Single payer would save us all a lot of money

The Agenda, March 20-26: Breed’s oddly conservative attack on income taxes

Supes will start to look at Trump's budget after board prez makes surprisingly conservative speech against progressive taxes

The budget picture is bleak — but Mayor Lee has no worries

Is it time for a city income tax? That might actually be possible (but we're not hearing much about it from Room 200)

The Agenda, March 6-12: The next front in the anti-Trump resistance

It's about money -- and how city officials will respond to the looming federal cuts -- and it starts this week

The Agenda, March 28-April 3, 2016: Why developers can’t cry poverty

Measure to increase affordable housing heads for first challenge

Who pays for the damage the tech boom has done to SF?

We are allowing the industries that make great wealth to avoid paying for the human costs of their actions. That didn't work the last...

California loses $5.7 billion a year in corporate tax breaks

By Tim Redmond AUGUST 19, 2014 -- State Senator Mark Leno’s got a bill that would ensure all new tax breaks come with a profit-and-loss...

Media misses: Taxes, the economy, and Harvey Milk

By Tim Redmond AUGUST 18, 2014 -- Yes, I listen to NPR. KPFA, of course, but also NPR. That makes me an Old Liberal Leftist,...

Why is the mayor ducking on Prop. 13? I can’t figure it out. Can you?

Tom Ammiano has pretty much everyone behind his tax-refrom bill – except Ed Lee. By Tim Redmond The mayor of Los Angeles, Gil Garcetti, is endorsing...