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Sunday, September 25, 2022

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Tagged with: London Breed

Breed throws late-night Muni under the bus

Mayor also calls for more police action against homeless people.

I didn’t sign Mayor Breed’s condolence book for Queen Elizabeth

The British Empire was brutal and racist, and the wealth of the Crown mostly stolen.

The Chron says the city is broken. Now what?

The Establishment paper can't blame the Establishment that has been running SF since the Gold Rush. Are the Powers That Be turning on the mayor?

District 4 contender won’t call for candidate with anti-Semitic comments to drop out

Joel Engardio shows no indication that he wants Leanna Louie out of the race.

No, San Francisco is not riven by a left vs. left ideological split

This old story is back, and it's still wrong: There are real, serious issues between the progressives and the corporate power structure

Breed’s new Planning Commission nominee has little in the way of a political record

Mayor names an East Bay consultant who has very little record of any local activism on land-use issues.

Treasure Island residents meet Dorsey, demand action on tolls, evictions

New supe says he isn't familiar with the issues, makes no commitments for change.

The big debates: Changing the mayoral election date, a homeless oversight commission …

The Board of Supes has two more meetings to finalize the fall ballot, and while some measures are clearly going to be approved, at...

DA begins mass firings

Jenkins dismisses at least 16 prosecutors, suggesting major policy shifts

Fall ballot measures will test the mayor and her allies

Who is going to oppose taxes on Amazon and on vacant apartments?