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Monday, May 27, 2024

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Tagged with: Prop. 64

If SF bans smoking weed in your apartment, where could you get high?

Bill would criminalize pot smoking for a large part of the city's population.

Cannabis tax money goes to fund the cops

One way to defund the police: take away the mandatory cut they get of the state's taxes on weed.

Puff: From Peron to Prop. 64

PUFF History was made in the Castro on a bench at Cafe Flore in 1974. Dennis Peron shared a joint with Mary Jane Rathburn...

Puff: Careful what you wish for (or, the Prop 64 blues)

PUFF Everyone, well 74.3% in San Francisco at least, voted to make recreational marijuana legal this year. Yay! Party! Party! Pass the bong. All...