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Why allowing more housing makes property more expensive

Loosen zoning restrictions and you get higher land values -- but there's another approach, and it's not really all that crazy

Why we have a homeless emergency

Roots of the problem aired during hearing on Campos bill

Five myths about the homeless problem in San Francisco

Most of what the politicians and the media are telling you isn't true. Here's why.

The Agenda: The cops, the city attorney, Hillary and Bernie ….

... we ask why the police union is celebrating a city attorney filing and whether the Supreme Court vacancy changes the presidential race

The Agenda, July 27-Aug. 2: Did progressives cause the housing crisis (um, No)….

... Plus new tenant protections, expanding Medicare, and preserving art space in San Francisco By Tim Redmond JULY 26, 2015 – If you must read Gabriel...

What’s ‘success’ mean in the Mission? First, an end to the evictions

Large crowd at the Chron's Mission Forum makes it clear that protecting existing residents and businesses is the top priority -- and that might...

The Agenda: Feb. 23-March2

Stopping the loss of housing in Mid-Market, a new special trustee (why?) for City College -- and Scott Wiener v. Willie Brown on the...

Debunking the myth of the poor landlord

  By Tim Redmond DECEMBER 30, 2014 – If you haven’t heard the one about the poor struggling landlord who has a millionaire tenant with a...

Could there be a Grand Bargain solution to the housing crisis?

By Tim Redmond DECEMBER 1, 2014 -- You talk about housing in this city, you get lots of response. And when you suggest something as...

The right-wing attack on tenant protections in San Francisco

By Tim Redmond OCTOBER 9, 2014 – On Monday morning, Oct. 6, in a federal courtroom, the oldest pro-corporate, libertarian legal organization in the nation...