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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Tagged with: Roxie

IndieFest’s 25th anniversary roars in with local lore, fabulous freaks, and high school hijinks

Here's the standouts, from Jim Rose's 'Circus of the Stars' to Bay BDSM drama 'Rough Edges,' and so many more.

Screen Grabs: Catching right up to 75 years ago at Noir City

1948 comes, again, to big screens. Plus: Epic editorial friendship in 'Turn Every Page,' Jafar Panahi's courageous 'No Bears'

Screen Grabs: Parents on the line, nurturing or murderous

Korean baby-trading 'Broker,' French courtroom drama 'Saint Omer,' and Canadian horror Skinamarink

Screen Grabs: A woman’s place… is atop the ‘Greatest Films of All Time’ poll

'Jeanne Dielman,' triumphs almost 50 years later. Plus: 'Women Talking,' 'Soft and Quiet,' and 'Corsage' reviewed.

Screen Grabs: Our favorite films of 2022—or, the sky falls on Hollywood

From 'The African Desperate' and 'RRR' to 'White Hot' and 'Free Chol Soo Lee.' Plus, two new releases unearth trans history.

Screen Grabs: Superior ways to goose the rich and privileged

Bolivian climate drama 'Utama,' Georgian oligarch-indictment 'Taming the Garden,' and French classic 'Rules of the Game' hit home.

Director Laura Poitras is still making her own kind of explosions

Oscar-winning documentarian Laura Poitras used to live in San Francisco, where performance artist Mark Pauline was a neighbor and he and his Survival Research...

Screen Grabs: 2022 shapes up to be Year of the Ass

EO charms. Plus: A pleasant Lady Chatterley's Lover, insightful Empire of Light, and fondly satirical Leonor Will Never Die

Screen Grabs: Don’t mess with brilliant, spitfire director Christine Choy

From Tiananmen Square's dissident exiles to the roiling Mississippi Triangle, the driven filmmaker tackles deep subjects

Screen Grabs: Another Hole in the Head fest brings indie nightmares before Christmas

From Satanic Hispanics to SAWrannosaurus Rex, local theaters—including the reopened 4 Star—flow with fake blood. Plus more!