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Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Tagged with: Tax Cuts

Screen Grabs: ‘Eyes of Tammy Faye’ blinks at real issues

Plus: Poignant sunset hippie idealism in 'Freeland,' Nic Cage's latest wild ride, and a St. Vincent hall of mirrors.

US Senate committee takes on economic inequality

It's a defining issue -- but the news media don't seem to be paying attention, and half the members didn't bother to show up.

Why did so many people vote for Trump?

Radical economic inequality causes social breakdown. We're seeing it right now.

Harris plays to the center; Pence plays to the base

It's sad that the Democratic Party feels it has to defend fracking and hide from the Green New Deal.

The Chron gives up on homelessness

You have to go pretty deep into the Chron’s annual series on homelessness to find anything very useful, but I read it all, and...

Large majority of voters support tax on millionaires

Some 70 percent of California voters would support a higher tax on income above $1 million, a new poll shows. The survey, by the highly...

Screen Grabs: Great new docs, from global inequality to SF thrash metal

Though the impulse for many during times of stress is to escape into fictional entertainment—or something “stranger than fiction,” like Tiger King—nonfiction can prove...

Who’s to ‘blame’ for our failures to respond to this crisis?

Politico recently put out an email blast asking “who’s to blame” for the COVID pandemic: The Olympics Games are postponed, but the Coronavirus Blame Games are...

A chance at civic leadership, stalemated

  Upon her election as the "moderate" candidate in a very close race against two "progressive" competitors this June, Mayor Breed told San Francisco: "I’m going...

Prop. C: The battle for the soul of San Francisco

The New American Oligarchy of Wealth and Privilege that seized control of the United States two years ago with the election of President Donald...