John Elberling


The problem with “smart growth”

In San Francisco today, It amounts to ethnic and class cleansing, whatever the rationalization

Racism — and politics — in SF Redevelopment history

The history of the Western Addition is complicated -- and has lessons for today

Why SF’s City Planning Department doesn’t get it

The Mission District and the SF of the future that planners are endorsing is not what San Franciscans want. Spirit matters

Local housing: A little reality

Much of the "expert commentary" is wrong. Here's what's really happened, and what's in store, for the local housing market

What we won — and lost — with the Beast on Bryant

A united Mission community sill has serious problems with what the Planning Commission approved, and the project could be appealed to the supes.

Can we stop the displacement of arts space and industry?

Kim drafts legislation that would stop the decimation of affordable PDR and arts space in Soma and the Mission

Yes, gentrification will hit the Tenderloin

Market forces are too powerful, and no neighborhood in San Francisco is safe

The Super Bowl’s bread and circuses did not bring SF together

It takes more than free music and fireworks to build civic unity

The NFL Paranoia Experience

As the city goes overboard to protect the NFL brand, fear is winning, right here on Howard St.