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Friday, September 29, 2023

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ArtArt Review

Art Review

‘Difference Machines’ interrogates the bias in the Algorithm

The intersection of technology and identity comes under scrutiny at Gray Area

‘The Petal’ explores slippery imagery, through cyanotype and hydrograph

At Et al. etc, Misa Chhan and Lyric Shen' stitched fabric, image transfers, BDSM practices, and dye resists

Mouthpieces, mistletoe, cuttlefish bones summon sonic interplay in ‘auxil’

K.R.M. Mooney's potent forms at Altman Siegel connect sculpture-making to music-making

Home is? Women of color tangle with question in pair of memorable museum shows

Nimah Gobir and Taravat Talepasand weave diasporic identity and family history via vivid display

Black queer African artists strike visceral poses in stunning ‘Sanibonani’

Zanele Muholi curates a power-packed display of rites, rituals, joy, pain, and comfort at Jonathan Carver Moore

Diurnal rhythms captured on fabric in Christopher Robin Duncan’s ‘SEASONS’

Months-long exposures tie viewers to the cosmos at Rebecca Camacho Presents

SF’s radical Asian American legacy shines in ‘Dreaming People’s History’

Images from the International Hotel struggle to the post-George Floyd resistance educate while they inspire.

‘The Tudors’ offers an irresistible lesson in state propaganda

With royals very much in the news lately, Legion of Honor show underlines how power shapes culture

‘Spaghetti Blockchain’ pushes globalized culture into the fantastical

Mika Rottenberg's CJM show is like a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' through the mind-spinning abstraction of labor and capital

Cast iron dumpling sutures and winding graphite snakes in resonant ‘Malar’

"Malar"—a two person show with Alice Gong Xiaowen and Kennedy Morgan up at House of Seiko through June 25—embraces opacity from afar and rewards...

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