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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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ArtArt Review

Art Review

William Kentridge examined our elusive yet definite mortality in “SIBYL”

Film-opera program's astonishing collage culminated in story of titular, ancient Cumaaean prophetess

Ann Hamilton enlists an accordion as historian at 500 Capp Street

Artist mines the rich legacy of the Mission District's Conceptual art home.

Legion of Honor showcases the rumble and roar of an unstoppable painter

John Singer Sargent's Spanish works may hail from a certain time and place, but his dedication was timeless.

Self-definition in constant flux at SF State’s ‘Have You Seen Me?’

Curators Sharon E. Bliss and Kevin B. Chen bring together artists who challenge assumptions in the way we look at each other.

‘Dismantling Monoliths’ poetically highlights the right to turn yourself away

Curator Jamil Hellu and artists' show at SF Camerawork balances intimacy, consent, and restraint.

Lee Materazzi’s ‘Nipples Pulled Through’ is freckled with interjections of her body

At Eleanor Harwood Gallery, the artist shows vibrant personal work she made with her daughters as collaborators

‘Material Conditional’ refashions cultural refuse into objects of adoration

Leeza Doreian & Liz Harvey: Material Conditional (through December 27 at Round Weather), pushes against the excessive nature of fast fashion by portraying and...

Artist, mother, wife, and cat: SFMOMA Joan Brown retrospective celebrates a shapeshifter

Beginning within the Bay Area Figurative Movement, Brown's career defies simple classification.

Kija Lucas scans her roots in ‘A Taxonomy of Belonging’

A masterful exploration of family emigration—and a rebuttal of racial classification—at SF Camerawork

New Institute for Contemporary Art kicks off with Jeffrey Gibson’s vibrant ‘This Burning World’

Bold patterns and dreamy imagery point to questions about the complexities of identity and a threatened ecology

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