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Saturday, June 15, 2024

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Tagged with: Amilcar Lopez

A deadline for police accountability

Plus: What the School Board recall really meant—and why is the right wing so worried about Critical Race Theory? That's The Agenda for Feb. 21 to 27

DA closes Amilcar Lopez case, but the community trauma still remains

San Francisco needs to make big changes in policing so this young immigrant didn't die in vain.

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

In a historic moment, jury convicts officer on all counts of killing George Floyd.

DA Boudin: ‘We don’t see jail or prison as the only or basic response to crime’

An exclusive interview with the district attorney after a year in what has been an immensely challenging job.

Would Walton’s CAREN bill have saved Alex Nieto’s life?

Sup. Shamann Walton has introduced legislation that would make it illegal to call 911 based on racial profiling, and the so-called CAREN act is...

Protesting Uber’s IPO — and police secrecy

The finance experts expect Uber to hit Wall Street on Friday/10, possibly with the biggest IPO since Facebook – but not until after both...

The Agenda: A new board prez, $275K for a police shooting …

Mayor-elect London Breed has officially informed the clerk of the board that she is stepping down as board president and to schedule a vote...

Judge dismisses most charges against man shot by cops

A San Francisco Superior Court Judge dismissed eight of 10 charges against Sean Moore, a 43-year-old mentally ill San Francisco man who was shot on...

Opinion: How the DA bungled the Amicar Perez Lopez case

In exonerating the police officers who shot and killed 21-year old Mayan Guatemalan immigrant Amilcar Perez Lopez on February 26, 2015, District Attorney (and...

DA says no charges for officers who killed Amilcar Perez Lopez

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office has decided not charge two police officers who fatally shot a man in the back more than two...