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Rival GoFundMe launched to counter anti-homeless Embarcadero group’s

Seawall navigation center opponents raise big bucks to hire lawyer—but homeless advocate fights back with a successful one of his own.

Supes refuse to allow building owners to profit from evicting senior

The house where Iris Canada once lived will not become condos as board votes 10-1 to reject permit appeal

For seniors, eviction can be a death sentence

Elders are dying when they lose their homes. How can we stop it?

Landlord seizes 100-year-old woman’s possessions

Moving crew starts to take away 60 years of property and memories and landlord lawyer refuses to let Iris Canada's niece go inside and look for her medicine

99-year-old gets to stay in her home, for now

Iris Canada wins a reprieve while lawyers try to work out a deal that will let her keep her home of 60 years for the rest of her life

Politics on Tuesday: Yee cancels fundraiser at Ellis-eviction law office

By Tim Redmond MARCH 4, 2014 -- With little fanfare, State Sen. Leland Yee, who is running for Secretary of State, has apparently cancelled a...

Eviction lawyer, Ellis Act supporters hold fundraiser for Leland Yee

     By Tim Redmond State Sen. Leland Yee, who was conspicuously absent from the tenant rally in Sacramento, is raising campaign money from some of the...