Stories about C.W. Nevius

The Chron’s C.W. Nevius again gets the housing market all wrong

"Supply and demand" argument ignores the reality on the ground -- market-rate housing isn't bringing down costs

Homelessness: the media’s big problem

The words and images we use matter; they create perceptions that drive public policy

The Agenda, June 20-27: The budget battle begins

Plus the mayor's giveaway to private developers in the name of "housing bonuses" comes to the full board for a contentious debate

The Agenda, April 25-May 1: Lots of housing data …

... and are we seeing the opening moves of a campaign to repeal Prop. M?

Nimbys, SFBARF, and a clueless writer at the NY Times

Can the reporters who take on housing in San Francisco please take the time to understand some basic facts?

The Agenda, April 10-17: Superdelegates, nationally and locally

Big money in the DCCC campaigns -- and a candidate who isn't sure which race he's raising money for. Plus: The mayor wants to punish the homeless for a police shooting

Why C.W. Nevius is wrong about the Google buses

The supes can, indeed, force changes to the shuttle program, and they almost certainly will

“This city crushed my dreams”

Tales of the homeless tent city that the Chronicle missed

Election night: Turnout, predictions ….

... and why wouldn't Ed Lee pose with Broke-Ass Stuart today? By Tim Redmond NOVEMBER 3, 2015 – I was hoping some of the homeless people...

Why the Chron is SO wrong about an eviction

Duboce Triangle artist isn't at fault here, no matter what C.W. Nevus says -- and tenants actually have a right to stay in their...