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Thursday, February 22, 2024

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Tagged with: Care Not Cash

Breed’s police measure is a sweeping move to undermine civilian oversight and reform

It's cynical politics that could have serious implications for how the city manages a police department with a troubled history.

Breed looks for political points by finding more ways to punish poor people

The latest: Drug testing for welfare recipients, which will never work and probably never happen. Do we live in San Francisco or Texas?

Don’t blame progressives for problems like homelessness, drugs, and crime

Neoliberal mayors and their failed market-based policies have created the crisis that the left is now trying to solve.

It takes a city to open the schools

Testing, tracking, vaccines -- and Muni! -- have to be part of the plan, and neoliberal leadership isn't going to help.

Talking Yimby, acting Nimby in District 5

A story is unfolding in the District Five supervisor race, ignored by the news media, that illustrates the contradiction between narrative and fact that...

Conservatorship: The new ‘ugly laws’

“This (conservatorship law) sounds like slavery to me,” Memphis, houseless poverty skola reporter for POOR Magazine’s RoofLESS radio, reported after a terrifying town hall on...

A letter from the Gavster

I don’t know why I am on the Gavin Newsom for Governor fundraising email list, but I am, and it’s kind of fun. Last week,...

Can we actually solve homelessness?

I told Audrey Cooper, the editor of the Chronicle, that 48hills would once again participate in the ongoing media series on homelessness in San...

Tents and the homeless wait list

You have probably notice that it's cold and rainy out. For a lot of us, that means waterproof coats and boots. And staying inside. The...

Homelessness: the media’s big problem

These are some of the headlines we saw in the San Francisco Chronicle this past year: “San Francisco’s summer of urine and drug-addicted homeless.” “Amid rising...