Stories about City Lights

Cooking in your car

The rise of the un-housed middle class -- and a radical approach to homefullness

Arts Forecast: Autumn Lights, Space Visitors, Clarion Alley Block Party …

Gathering of the Tribes, Liszt Gala, Open Carry Guitar Rally, Ed Asner, and more cool things ahead this week.

A gentrified language

SF poet Randall Mann's new collection 'Proprietary' maps the emotional landscape of a rapidly changing city.

Party Radar: Summers of Love

50th anniversary celebrations kick off! Plus: Tony Humphries, Josh Wink, Afrolicious, Lovefingers, Puffy AmiYumi, and more.

Must-sees from Mill Valley

From 'Certain Women' to 'The Handmaiden,' 'Loving' to 'La La Land' -- we revisit the best of the 2016 Mill Valley Film Fest.


Our readers' picks for Best Music Festival, Best DJ, Best Drag Queen, Best Dance Party, Best Literary Night, and more.

Earth Day cometh

Reverend Billy's colorful testament, Robert Redford's 'Watershed' film, and, of course, a drag tribute to Eartha Kitt mark the occasion.

The Mission, noir — with some ugly history and real life today

A remarkable movie links a case of deadly arson from the 1970s to displacement in the Mission today

Michelle Tea leaves RADAR Productions, oral historian to succeed her

By Caitlin Donohue Michelle Tea is a lot of things in this town; a chronicler of queer culture (as in 2000’s Valencia), role model...

Need a lyrical lift? Better ‘Call Allen’

Guerilla Ginsberg campaign celebrates National Poetry Month, locally.  By Marke B. STREET LIT If you've seen the above stenciled on various sidewalks around the Bay, and you...