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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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After 111 years, SF is finally moving to oust PG&E and create a public power system

Cheap, reliable, green energy is only a few steps away—but the private utility is trying its best to delay the process and protect its illegal monopoly

Public power for all of Northern California? After fires, the framework is in place

Report to LAFCO cites a little-known state agency that has the authority to seize PG&E's assets and let every community decide its energy future.

After more than a century, PG&E is finally on the ropes in San Francisco

The city's moving to establish a public-power system—but we should also talk about accountability for the politicians and media that enabled an illegal monopoly for so long.

SF has a new tech plan — but it ignores the need for public broadband

Plus: Confronting attacks on Asian seniors and a modest, but important, police reform ... That's The Agenda for April 4-11

SFPUC could be accepting PG&E’s nuclear energy

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is facing an unusual choice: PG&E wants to give the city’s clean-power agency $1.4 million worth of free...

‘In the name of climate sanity’

The supes listened for more than two and a half hours to testimony and expert reports on the city’s role in climate change –...

Finally, a city study says public power makes perfect sense

It’s hard to believe, after I’ve spent more than three decades talking about the advantages of public power in San Francisco, that City Hall...

SF is ready for public power

The California Public Utilities Commission today gave PG&E access to credit markets in advance of an expected bankruptcy filing tomorrow – but the last-minute...

Building momentum and the Women’s March

The New York Times spent a lot of time talking about the “controversy” around this weekend’s Women’s March. The march was “smaller;”maybe there’s a “waning...

SF was totally unprepared for the air-quality crisis

By the end of this week, the rain finally arrived, the Camp Fire was largely contained, and the Bay Area could take a deep...