Stories about elderly

The life and death of Iris Canada, the 100-year-old victim of eviction

Evictions can be a death sentence and there’s no mercy -- not even if you’re a 100 years old.

Who wants to evict a 100-year-old?

The judges don't. The sheriff doesn't. But the landlord is proceeding anyway

Sup. Ahsha Safaí introduces resolution against Trump’s so-called Muslim Ban 

"Here in San Francisco we stand united and we won't back down."

Detainees being released from San Francisco International Airport

80-year-old man allowed to meet his family after six-hour delay

#WomensMarch: More than 100,000 march in San Francisco despite heavy rain

Jubilant, determined crowd presses on against Trump's message.

Democracy in action — or not

The mess that was the voting for California Democratic Party delegates

The Agenda, Oct. 10-17: Should we celebrate the Twitter tax break?

Plus: Another approach to mental illness and the criminal justice system. We look at the week ahead
Diego Deleo Eviction

North Beach: Elderly writer and poet fights Ellis Act eviction

"I never though that at my age, at 81 years old, I'll be going through this and what is the purpose of all of this? Money?"

Iris Canada turns 100 — as her landlord tries to evict her

A century of life -- celebrated by a fight for her home. Is this elder abuse?

Protestors Picket City Hall in Support of Frisco 5

Activists have announced 17 days of action in support of 17 days of hunger strike to raise pressure on Mayor Ed Lee to fire Chief Suhr